Punjab Govt Declared 15000 E-Bike Plot For Teachers

Punjab Govt Declared 15000 E-Bike Plot For Teachers

E-Bike Conspire For Teachers

The Punjab government has chosen to begin an e-bike conspire for instructors and understudies. In this respect, Common Instruction Serve Sikandar Hayat told a press conference that this plot has been isolated into two stages. He said that 5,000 instructors will get electric bicycles beneath this conspire in the to begin with stage. Whereas 10,000 instructors will be at an advantage in the moment stage, In this article, you will get to see total subtle elements almost this conspire. If you need to get total data, at that point keep perusing the article completely

Why electric bicycles for instructors after students?According to Instruction Serve Sikandar Hayat, the primary reason for disseminating electric bicycles to instructors after understudies is the rising petrol costs in the nation. This conspiracy is being propelled to handle the budgetary challenges emerging due to rising petrol costs for instructors. Instructors will be able to travel to instructive teaching exceptionally effectively after getting an electric bicycle from this scheme.

Punjab E-Bike Dissemination Program for Teachers


  • Number of Teachers
  • Total

Phase 1

  • 5,000

Phase 2

  • 10,000

Benefits of Electric Bicycles for Teachers

By getting the electric bicycles given by the Punjab government, the instructors will spare cash on transportation expenses.


Where the utilization of petrol bicycles produces emanations, the utilization of electric bicycles will deliver zero emanations. And this will make a clear contrast in decreasing natural change.

Eligibility Criteria

Teachers who are interested in getting an electric bicycle by joining this conspiracy and need to know around the qualification criteria for the same. So let me tell the instructors that so distant no subtle elements around the qualification criteria have been discharged by the Punjab government. As long as the Government of Punjab issues any kind of notice in this respect or brings out the qualification criteria, you will get to see the total points of interest on this website.

Registration Strategy of E-Bike Conspire for Teachers

As I told you, whereas giving the subtle elements of the qualification criteria over, no official explanation has been issued by the government for it however. So distant, as it were, Instruction Serve Sikandar Hayat has given the great news of beginning this plot. As long as any kind of notice or any kind of enrollment strategy is discharged by the Punjab government in this respect, you will be given subtle elements. So you are required to hold up for registration.

If we tell you more, the Punjab government has as of late begun the Punjab bicycle plot for understudies. For which the enlistment handle is continuous. Interested understudies can get total subtle elements with the offer assistance of the interface given underneath to total their registration.

Final Words


In this article, you have been educated with total points of interest almost the E-Bike Conspire for instructors propelled by the Punjab government. You have been told why this conspiracy is being begun for the final instructors after the understudies. In this article, you have been educated in detail approximately the qualification criteria and enrollment. Assist, as long as any kind of modern upgrade comes out in this respect, you will get to see the total points of interest on this site.

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