Big News Bisp New Update 2nd Payment 10500 Date Final

2nd Payment

New update of Benazir Income Support Programe and Ehsas Program so finally the hours of waiting are over, from the government, the second installment of ₹ 10 500 will now be issued to you from which date. You will be able to go and get your new payment withdrawn and those who want to check the money under 8171 PRAM, whether it is their own 2nd payment or that of children, then how can they check if you are also facing the issue of money or message not coming. Or if there is any kind of issue then we will call you on a number today.

8171 Portal

There will be a contact number on which you will be able to call and find out about your issue and when it will be resolved. The latest very important news of this time is that you will get this amount of Rs. 10500 or it can be increased even more. You are fully informed about it. Will understand while people are still not able to check their money under 8171 portal

Children’s Money.

Actually, they do not know that there is a timing issue going on. The timing which is there has been transformed into the opening of the portal of 8171. It is often seen that whenever the turn comes to check the money, the portal of 8171 is closed. This is the reason why people face a lot of trouble that when we check, our money is not chequed. The portal of 8171 has been completely closed by the government, so it is definitely not the government’s fault. Yes, the portal of 8171 is still open, you can check your money and your children’s money.

2nd Payment
2nd Payment

Check Your Money

You can also check but there is a difference in timing. If you check early in the morning, your money will not be checked. You can check your money at least from 10 am to 12:00, even then it is open. 12 to 2 o’clock and then it stops. I myself have checked the money. During this time, the money is not checked and the website is also not opening, whereas then it stops between 5:00 pm to 4:00 pm and till 6:00 pm. Whatever is there, you can check your money on it, then it closes again at night, in this way there is a little difference in timing but the portal of 8171 which is

Raabta Number

It is still open, you should check your money by keeping an eye on the time, whereas all the people who have issues, you can also get your money checked. If you have any issue, then you will make a call and your issue will also be solved. It will be done, Raabta number is telling you 091 5815 421 9158 155 421, this is Raabta number, you will call on this, when will you have to do this, you can do this today, you can call from 10:30 am to 10:30 12 noon. This is the second installment of faceb00k which is to be launched, now the first one is going on and the people are taking advantage of it as well.

Various Centers

Retailer shops are open at some places and are being closed at some places where you can find out that they are open there in that city because a lot of devices have been released in the city from the port side. In the month of June, which other government did you see? You are going to meet Janib and you will be able to collect the upcoming new 2nd payment from various centers which will be set up by the government. Still some centers are open and people are collecting 2nd payment from there also. A lot of women have recovered their 2nd payment from various centers

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