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8171 Registration

8171 Registration,Here are two good news for you people and there is a very good update which has now been made by the government but along with this another update has also come out that the women who are here from the BISP program. There were beneficiaries who were taking payment, they are being told about the new survey but when you get the survey done, after that your money stops coming, then which are the two types of women who get the survey done in such a way that after If their money stops then share its reason with you all.

BISP program

8171 Registration,And today we will also tell you how you can become a part of the BISP program for 4 years, how you can get help from the government for 4 years, along with this we will also let you check which women need to get the survey done at this time. Those who need it will be told here that only those people will get the survey done, that family will get the survey done, all the families do not need to get the survey done right now, first of all you have to check if your name is included in the survey list to get the survey done, then only you will get the survey done. Apart from this, there is no need to get the survey done because the BSP

Dynamic Registry

8171 Registration,According to the new update, all the poor families across the country were being deprived of the Benazir Income Support Program, but now to improve the Basic Income Support ProgramBenazir Income Support Program, the government has issued this message to serve the people as much as possible. And on behalf of the government, many families are being told through NSER or Dynamic Registry that you people should get your registry done, get the survey done, after that you will be registered and then you people will get the money here. But you have to watch the video till the end, if you don’t watch it till the end

Get Money

So you will not understand the whole thing and then you people will not be able to get money here. Apart from this, many women are getting an error when they go to get money, what is their condition, we will also tell you today because many women Complaint is coming from the women that we are not being given the money due to them. When we go to take the money, it is said there that there is an error or your money has not come yet, what is the reason for this? Naasan, this is our downfall. The preference is to give you that information which is most suitable for you and which will help you not only through the BISP program but also through the BISP programme.Rather, you can get help from all the upcoming programs. there are three such programs in which if you If the money is stopped then you will not get money again from the three programs, then with this in mind, I will share the basic information with you in today’s video, so here, first of all, I want to put some things in front of you people. After that I will check it here and show it to you guys.

81 Qatar Portal

Which women need to get the survey done here, the government has updated the 81 Qatar portal for the public and the purpose of updating it was that if you people want to get your money checked and this Want to see whether your children who go to school, go to college or go to university, if you have registered them with BISP or you have got them registered with the school principal, then whether their money has come into the account or if it has not come then they You can also check and for this you will not need to go anywhere, apart from this any

Prime Minister

8171 Registration,Whatever help you are getting from the program, you can check it all here, in the end we will tell you the method and along with this, this is the thing that you people have to keep in mind first of all that the government has The purpose of the Benazir Income Support Program which has been started is that we have to bring out all the families from poverty and give them relief. At present, Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif is in power. Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif is also the Prime Minister to bring something new. It was done sincerely and along with it the leader of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari he

Solar System

To a large extent, whatever work has been started, along with Maryam Nawaz, all of them together are coming up with different programs, just like Imran Khan had started many programs, now he has started even more programs. And those programs have been started which till date no one had started before and probably had not even thought of starting. The way we talk about solar system here, the government got it appreciated that solar system should be given to the people. If a motorcycle is given then it is a good thing which is being done by the government which has been done by the government during Ramzan.

Nigheban Ramzan Program

8171 Registration,Bags etc. were to be given for ration like Nigheban Ramzan program, that too was given by the government but now after this the government has moved ahead and now the government is moving towards new updates, here a new update has come with reference to BSP program. This is useful information for those families who are going to join the BSP program. So first of all, let me tell you that on behalf of the government, those women who were getting money from the BISP program, but what did they say about the survey and what have you guys done till now? If you don’t get the survey done then your money has stopped.

8171 Registration
8171 Registration

Installment for June

8171 Registration,If the government will not give you the installment for June, then you will have to get a survey done for it. If you get the survey done then the money will be stopped.If this happens, then there are two reasons here, one is that in your bank account, it is possible that there is a huge amount of money which you have kept in the bank, for example, even an amount of Rs. 50,000, if your bank account If it has been kept inside and it has been almost a year, then you will not be made a part of this program and due to which these ladies become helpless when they get the survey done and secondly, the ladies here who are given Jazz Cash here. easy money

Poverty Score 

Accounts are made but they themselves do not even use them. Someone else uses their account and more money comes into it. 50000-60000, they too have been there for a long time, so they too are being tortured here. So, it is the case of such women who There is money but it is not coming now. This is one reason and the second is that there are many such families who live a life of poverty. To help them move towards better conditions, the government has raised a price that the poverty score of the families here has become higher. Those who have been kicked by their ancestors should be thrown out of here and its clouds

Survey Done

8171 Registration,New families should be included, if you have maintained your poverty score, for example, your circumstances have not improved yet and you have not made any such mistake, then if you get the survey done, your money will come and the most First of all, I am thankful because there are many women who had got the survey done a few days ago, their money has come into their account Alhamdulillah, so this is a very good update, so we hope that yours too. If you get the survey done then all your money will also come but here if your money is blocked

Education of Children

If there are, then you people will not get money from three programs. Let me tell you that first of all, the program which is of BISP in which there is a subsidy of Rs. 0500, in this you will not be entitled, secondly, the program which is for the education of children, which will not be valuable, and thirdly, the program which is This is Nash Namo wala, the money that you people have will stop coming, this is the policy of the government, let me tell you one more thing, due to which your people are not settled here and you are called for survey. For example, if you buy any land etc. then its record

Beneficiary of BISP

If you go to the government and you are a beneficiary of BISP, then you are removed from this program. Apart from this, if you purchase any property, then you are removed. If you have a big vehicle, car etc. then you are removed from this program. But if you are fired, then you lose this kind of power due to which you are fired. Other wise, people whose poverty score is less than 20, at least those who have poverty score, they are given 100% assistance from the government. They will get BSP money, children will also get stipend, they will also get the amount of Nashan Maa.

Kafalat Program

8171 Registration,And with this, people will also be included in the new stories of the government that will come and along with this, let me tell you how you people will know that you have to get a survey done, so for this I will tell you the proper method here. First of all, if you do it, then here you are getting to see that now here you are being told that if you have not got the survey done yet, then you should get the survey done now, here you are told that you are not eligible for the Kafalat program. Those who were taking money and whose money has stopped coming will be told here that you

Big Organizations

This is an extravagance, you people will have to get it done. Apart from this, if we see from 81 Qatar, then all the programs that are being started by the government, messages of all are coming to you from 81 Qatar. You get messages from 81 Qatar, then after that. You people have to go and get help. At this time, those people who have become helpless and needy and their life is not better, then there are four big organizations which are helping them at this time. First of all, JDC is here. Hai Zafar Bhai is a very good person and he has done a lot of good work inside Pakistan by working hard day and night.

Pakistan Program

8171 Registration,For the welfare of the people, Babu, the efforts being made by him at this time are to bring people out of poverty, they are also building training centres, they are also providing health tips and they are also giving ration to the people. They have been staying here in every house, now one by one, they had earlier started the Mighty Pakistan program, so many people were involved in it, they have given ration to 20 lakh families here for six months, after this Selani Welfare Trust. This is the ration that Chipa is giving to you people, the ration scheme that has come, she is giving you ration and many more.The whole organization is like General Fardo Foundation, it is giving more ration to you than the government, so you people can apply in this also, the government is also doing its work, that too is good work, but apart from this, there are some flowing streams. If you are helping people then you can apply in these, from here you will get whatever money you have.

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