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8171 Web Portal,There are only two types of women who will have to get the survey done again, if you do not get the survey done then your money will stop and along with this, there are also such women who do not need to get the survey done now, the category of those women is We will also warn you about the reference and with this you do not have to worry, in today’s video we will also tell you the method through which you can become Ahil. Inshallah, if you get the survey done then your money will not stop if you follow this policy. As always, we bring to you the information that youEven today, we are here with the information for you which will help you in getting the money from Binsar Income Support Programme, Project Binsar Kafa Program and your money will not stop if you work as per the mentioned formula. We are going to tell you the method.

Survey Updated

Whether it has been beneficial or not, a large number of people applied as per the method suggested by us and got their survey done again and after that they did not stop getting the money. Thankfully, it is Bari Tala’s turn here, thanks to Allah, those poor people have been saved. Money has come into the account. Money will also come into your account. If you follow this policy, first of all we want to tell you what work you have to do. Three types of women have been mentioned here by the government. Two. The money will stop at the family’s place, but they also get the survey updated or restored.

New Installment

If they get the survey done, then the process of getting the money will continue. If they do not do so, then it is possible that their money will be stopped and some families are also afraid that if we go to get the survey done, then our new installment will be reduced. It will not come and in this way our money will be stopped, then listen to this also, if you do not go to get the survey done or do not get it updated, then your money will be stopped anyway because when the government tells you to update your survey. Get it done or if you do not get the registration done or get your data updated, then if this work is not done then you

Biggest Update

If you do, then after that your money will stop getting anyway, so today I will tell you the method through which your money will not stop getting and your survey will also get updated, so the biggest update here is that which is from the government side. The installment was issued to the women and they collected the installment here and when you collected the installment and after that you went to the portal and checked, you were told there that you should get yourself registered, if you did not get yourself registered again. Then your due money will be closed and apart from this the family members

Date for Re-enrolment.

Here a message has been received from 8171 Web Portal that if your registration is mandatory or if you get your survey updated, then those families will also get the survey done. Now how will you people go to the portal and check. First of all, you have to do what you have done in 8171 Web Portal. This is the portal of Qatar, you have to open it, after opening it, when you look here, you will see this status, this status is here, you are not eligible for the Kafa program, if you have not got the survey done after this date, then please be kind. Take your Hamra Nadra to your nearest registration center on the given date for re-enrolment.

8171 Web Portal
8171 Web Portal

Identity Card

8171 Web Portal It is mandatory to bring the identity card and bay form and along with it it is also important that when you go with the identity card and bay form, it is mandatory to carry the electricity bill with you. If you do not have the electricity bill or gas bill then you will have to bring it. Chances of being sent back are high and you are not kept here for registration and are told to pay electricity bill or gas bill, after that you will be registered here, then it is mandatory and along with this, let me tell you here. That there are two types of women who need to get the survey done and those whose money you are withholding should also get the survey done.

Survey Done

There is a need to get the survey done. Apart from this, there is a type of people who do not need to get the survey done. Nazarene is the one who got the survey done within 20224 and after that they are getting the money, so they do not need to get the survey done again now but you have done it in 2023. If you had got the survey done before this then you may need to get the survey done here and this is also for those who had got the survey done before June 2023 and here when you have to get the survey done, this is also for the new family. There is good news and it is also important for those who are already involved and their money is expected to be closed.

Benazir Income Support Program

You have to follow this update. Number one is that the government has included you in the Benazir Income Support Program so that you can be compensated here, so that you can be given some cash here and your children can be provided with the basic education. Training is necessary, it can be given, apart from this, you people can be supported here through Nash Nama Benazir Income Support Program, then in these three programs, you are helped through Baray Rast Benazir Income Support Program and those people whose PMT Now it is less, how is PMT made and how can you people become Ahil, this is also a big

Registration Done

8171 Web Portal The update that I am sharing with you today is mostly this whichThere is an update, people do not share, do not tell you, but today I am telling you, see, when the government asked you to get a survey done in the Income Income Sports Program, then at that time it is important for you to get the child’s birth forms made mandatory, if you have them. There are five children, you have arranged for two of them, you went to the office with the form and got the registration done, then your family will be in a small picture here, there are two of you and two of your children, four will be here, so it is a mistake when the government says It has been that all

Grandchild Card

If you have to bring the child’s birth form, then whether it is two months old or 2 years old, you have to make a birth form for every child, those who are of the age of the grandchild card, if you bring that grandchild card with you, then you should take all these things. Whatever you say there, your word will not be believed. Records are called from NADRA. In your dynamic registry, records are called from NADRA and it is seen that after that, your grandparents live with you. If your grandfather lives with you in your family, then it is mandatory for you to enter his name also.

Get Money

8171 Web Portal If you have uncles or any other close ones living with you, then you have to get them registered too. If they do not get money here, if you get them registered then the family will become bigger here and this is a very important thing when your family grows bigger. So the government will support such families, the government will help them here. If you look at their poverty score here, it will be less. If it is a small family then its poverty score will be higher. So, whenever you have to update the survey or registration. If you want to get it done then it is important that you have taken care of your family.You want to show a big family, when you show it, you will be rewarded and you will also get money here

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