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8171 Web Portal

8171 Web Portal,The purpose of disbursing the amount to all the base beneficiaries through the camp site is to ensure that we receive the payments in a controlled environment and in an environment in which we can properly monitor the payments.The new gas date of 0500 has been announced and the good news for you is that various camp sites and catch centers have been made for you from where you will be divided, so the list of them has come to us,Whereas the people who have got the survey done or their investigation is still going on or they have been made void,The latest important news of this time is that under Bilakh Benazir Income Sports Program 

New May Payment

8171 Web Portal,You have to get a new May payment of Rs 10500. You will get this payment from the camp site and various centers have been made for this, so all their lists have come, in it you will be told the name of your district and from which center you will have to collect your payment, hence the video. Watch it completely. If you skip the video, you will not be able to know where our center is and where we should go to take the payment. It also includes the Asalas of Sabah, Punjab, Subh, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK. Let us tell you the names of all of them. First of all let’s talk about Lahore City.

Government College 

8171 Web Portal,Who will be run in Government Islamia College Civil Line Lahore while who will be run in Cantt in Lahore Government College for Women Lahore Cantt after that in Nankana Sahib Ji Mini Shim Hal Near DHQ Hospital Nankana Saab City Shahkot Rest House Highway Department Lahore Faisalabad Road Shahkot When it comes to Murid’s Government, Ali Abbas Shaheed Higher Secondary School, GT Road, Murid’s Multan, then the district is Khanewal, Tehsil is Jahania, TM A, this case will be conducted in Jahania in the same manner, Municipal Committee Office in Kabirwala, Kabirwala Kabirwala.

Government High School 

There is one more in Government High School Kok Tha New Building, who will be running it, after that let’s talk about Miyan Channu, who will be running it in MC Model High School Miya Channu, after that let’s talk about Lodhra, Government Girls High Kandy School, Adam Same. Which one will be run in Akari La College in Burewala, GC Girls Melas and GC Girls and Boys College Melas in Burewala? If we talk about Bihari, then which one will be run in Dist UC Office, Bihari Attock Government Pilot School Higher Secondary School? Will be run, after that let’s talk about Bahawal Nagar Tehsil.

Graduate College

8171 Web Portal,If we do then this installment will be run in Government Post Graduate College Road Tehsil and District Bahawalpur, after that in Chishtia Government Post Graduate College Chishtia, this installment will be run in Fort Abbas Government Boys Model High School Hospital Chowk Fort Abbas, after that Haruna is the next turn. This case will be conducted in Government Rizvia Islamia Post Graduate College DS Block People’s Colony Haroonabad, after that Manchna, Government Model High School Library Block, Manchna later, after that Ahmedpur East Government Boys High School, Uchcha Sharif Tehsil.

Government Boys Degree College

Ahmedpur East, installment will be run in this whereas there is another school in Ahmedpur East in which Government Scandi High School Kachri Road Ahmedpur East, after that let’s talk about Bahawalpur. For those who live in Bahawalpur City, this camp has been celebrated in Government High School Cantt Bahawalpur. Another one will be run in Bahawalpur City Government Abbasia High School Near PTCL Exchange Model Town A Bahawalpur Government High Secondary School in Bahawalpur Sadar Near Puli Islamabad Dera Pakha Tehsil Bahawalpur Sadar After that let’s talk about APU achieved Government Boys Degree College

8171 Web Portal
8171 Web Portal

AC Office 

Bahawalpur Road Tehsil Hasil Apu Kiss will be run in Khairpur Tom Wali Jimmy Neesham Behind AC Office Tehsil Khairpur Tom Wali Kiss will be run in Yajman Government High School for Boys Tehsil Yajman In the same manner, now talking about Rahim Yaar Khan, this kiss will be run in Khanpur Jai’s Government Boys High School Canal Colony Tehsil Khanpur There is another tehsil in Khanpur, Government Boys High School Nava Court Tehsil Khanpur, this kiss will be run while Liaqat Paruvankulamgara Tehsil Liaqat Parure Yaar Khan’s turn comes Government Pilot Kandy School Khwaja Farid. College Road Tehsil District

Community Center 

Rahim Yar Khan There is another school in Rahim Yar Khan Government Boys Higher Secondary School Court Sababa Tehsil District Rahim Yar Khan Talk about Sadiq Aabad, who will be run in Government Boys Model High School Sadiqa Aabad after that Government Boys High School Ahmedpur Lama Tehsil Sadiqa Who will be driven in Aabad? Government Boys High School Jamal Din Wali Tehsil Sadika Abad After that Government Boys High School Chowk Bahadurpur Tehsil Sadika Abad Community Center in Chakwal 15 Chakwal Talk about color Kahar Municipal Committee T Office Who will be driven in color car Talagang

Secondary School

8171 Web Portal,Government Higher Secondary School Boys Lava Islamabad Rawalpindi Talk about IMC G10 this Which will be released in Islamabad, along with IMS Bng Syeda Leather Road Islamabad, first of all let’s talk about Faisalabad, in this Islamia Post Graduate College Chanio in Chanio, after that Government Higher Secondary School in Bhawana, Head Lana is in Bhawana, after that Jhang Ahmedpur Sya. Who will run the Government Degree College in Ghar Maharaja Talking about Gujrawala, Government Post Graduate College for Boys Satellite Ton Gujrawala Government Higher Secondary School for Boys

Dynamic Survey

Sheikhupura, this is the city of Gujrawala, what will be run there, after that if we talk about Gujarat, then Government Comprehensive School for Boys Services More Gujarat Government Islamia High School Number Two, Jalalpur Jatan, this kiss will be run in Jatan, Majd is also present in the list if you want. If you want that Majid list should also be shown and Majid who live in the rest of the city, then you can comment to us, try to tell you that in the upcoming video, while the women who had done the dynamic survey and were declared ineligible, they have been appealed. The right has been given, now if she fails even in the appeal, then what will happen to her?

New Survey Again

There will be a new survey again. Firstly, they have got it done now, the new survey will be done again in 2026. All such women do not need to go to the BSP office again and again. Whereas if we talk about ₹ 1,500 then the new payment will be given to you in 17 months. It is going to be available from May which you will be able to collect from various centers and camp sites. 

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