Breaking News Alert! Is 8172 a Wrong Code for Ehsaas Program?

8172 a Wrong Code

Ehsaas, a pivotal initiative by means of the Pakistani government, endeavors to uplift the impoverished and underprivileged segments of society. With severa packages below its umbrella, navigating thru the registration technique can be daunting due to the multitude of codes and numbers involved. Among these, confusion might also occur related to the use of code 8172 a Wrong Code versus the right code, 8171.

Is 8172 a Registration Code in 2024?

Multiple initiatives function similtaneously inside the Ehsaas framework, together with the Ehsaas Kafalat program, Ehsaas Emergency Cash Assistance for COVID-19, Ehsaas Women Fund, and Ehsaas Scholarships. Each software makes use of wonderful codes for registration purposes. However, there has been misinformation circulating related to the introduction of a new code, 8172, purportedly for registration for various financial help amounts. It is indispensable to make clear that this statistics is erroneous.

The utilization of code 8172 for registration in any Ehsaas application is unfounded. Therefore, persons are suggested towards sharing their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) statistics with this code. The government completely employs this code for conversation functions and now not for registration or enrollment.

8172 a Wrong Code
8172 a Wrong Code

New Survey For BISP Government of Pakistan

Acknowledging the confusion surrounding code 8172, it has been validated that this code is now not a legitimate registration option. Instead, extraordinary codes are in use for wonderful offerings inside the Ehsaas framework. To tackle this trouble and make sure correct statistics management, the authorities has initiated a new survey for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) in 2024.

When people register for BISP, their facts turns into phase of the system, rendering them doubtlessly eligible for participation in more than a few social carrier programs. This integration enables the identification and guide of deserving households throughout extraordinary welfare initiatives.

Required Documents for BISP Survey

For these intending to take part in the BISP survey, sure archives are essential:

  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • Child B-form
  • Electricity and gasoline payments for the household
  • Disability documentation, if applicable
  • These files are pivotal for correct registration and eligibility evaluation inside the BISP framework.

Registration codes 2024

For people searching for registration or eligibility verification inside Ehsaas programs, the right code stays 8171. Sending your CNIC wide variety to this code allows authorities to confirm the social offerings you qualify for. Additionally, on line portals facilitate registration and eligibility tests primarily based on NADRA and NSER data.

For enrollment in the Wazir e Azam Assistance Programme, persons are counseled to ship their CNIC to 5566 Ehsaas Utility Store Rashan. It is quintessential to habits thorough lookup to make sure the authenticity of the specified registration numbers.


In summary, code 8172 does now not serve as a legitimate registration wide variety for Ehsaas social help programs. Sending CNIC data to this code is futile as it is reserved entirely for governmental conversation purposes. To keep away from misinformation and streamline the registration process, men and women are prompted to adhere to real registration codes, such as 8171, and leverage legit channels for enrollment.

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