Are You Qualified for the Nashonuma Program List of Ineligible Ladies for the Nashonuma Program, Most recent Upgrades 2024

Are You Qualified for the Nashonuma Program List of Ineligible Ladies 

Launched by the Pakistani government, the Benazir Nashonuma Program 7000 is outlined to offer assistance to pregnant ladies and newborns. After their enlistment, qualified ladies in the program will presently be able to get a sum of 7,000 through the program. The Pakistani government has expanded the sum in reaction to expansion. An unmistakable sum is given in this program for the birth of a young lady and a boy.

Ineligible Women

After enrolling for the Nashonuma program, qualified ladies will get this sum; in any case, numerous ladies have been considered ineligible for the program. They will not be able to get help, indeed if they overhaul their information.

  • Whose month to month pay surpasses 75,000 and permits them to meet their essential needs
  • pregnant people with a destitution score of more noteworthy than 40% but who are able of assembly their claim needs.
  • Mothers of youthful children (beneath two a long time ancient) are qualified to get their supplies.
  • The program will not be accessible to ladies who work for the government.

How to Get Rs. 7000 Nashonuma parogram

For the special program, you can visit your closest bank account or ATM to get 7000. You require an ATM card to pull back cash from an ATM; with this card, you can get cash right absent. You can take cash out of a bank account by utilizing your ID card to visit the closest bank area, or you can take cash out of an enlisted basic supply store. Take your character card with you when you go to the basic need store. In any case, getting cash from the basic supply store is regularly troublesome, and cash is taken out. Subsequently, you ought to pull back the advancement sum from the bank or ATM closest to you.

Ehsaas 8171 4500 Sum For Nashonuma Program Overhaul 2024 The Ehsaas Nashonuma program, propelled in 2020 underneath the umbrella of the Ehsaas program, interests to enable pregnant females going through financial challenges. By giving crucial financial help, the application looks to move forward maternal wellbeing, make certain suitable little child care, and battle destitution among looking forward to mothers.

As we enter 2024, numerous holding up for mothers are inquisitive about the program’s status, qualification criteria, and the PKR 4,500 outfit dispensing preparation. This article serves as a summary of the

Ehsaas Nashonuma Program
Ehsaas Nashonuma Program

 in 2024, securing qualification, overhauls, and how to get hold of the grant.

Is the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Still Dynamic in 2024?

Yes, the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program is progressing in 2024. The application proceeds to allow financial help to anticipating mothers all through Pakistan, pleasurable its mission of promoting maternal and newborn child well-being.

What are the Key Upgrades for 2024?

While the center objectives of the computer program proceed to be unaltered, right here are a few imperative upgrades for 2024:

Expanded Reach: The program aims to enlist additional anticipating mothers in 2024, developing its impression and impact.

Focus on Outreach: Endeavors are underway to choose out and enroll observing mothers from the most underprivileged communities, making beyond any doubt more extensive inclusivity.

Improved Straightforwardness: The specialists have underscored self-evident verbal trade and complaint redressal instruments for computer program beneficiaries.

Continued Allow Sum: The PKR 4,500 supply amount per installment remains unaltered for qualified beneficiaries.

Who is Qualified for the Ehsas Nashonuma Program?

To be qualified for the Ehsaas Nashonuma Program, you require to meet the taking after criteria:

Pregnancy Status: Be evidently pregnant at the time of registration.

Financial Require: Have a place in a low-income family, as chosen by utilizing the program’s assessment criteria.

Pakistani Citizen: Be a Pakistani citizen with a genuine CNIC.

Registered with BISP: Be enrolled with the Benazir Wage Back Program (BISP).

How to Apply for the Ehsas Nashonuma Program:

The computer program strategy for the Ehsas Nashonuma Program is directly closed. Be that as it may, modern enrollment drives are presented intermittently in the course of the year. Here’s how to stay informed:

Monitor Ehsaas Site: Frequently take a look at the authentic Ehsaas application web location ( for application overhauls and enlistment announcements.

Follow Social Media: Take after the legit Ehsaas social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) for application data and enlistment alerts.

Contact Nearby Organization: Ask with your neighborhood organization or Ehsaas help offices for application upgrades and achievable enlistment periods.

Nashonuma Program

The Benazir Nashonuma Program 7000, started by the Pakistani government, aims to help pregnant ladies and newborns by giving money related help. Qualified ladies can get Rs. 7000 through the program.

Certain criteria render ladies ineligible for the Nashonuma program, counting those with a month to month salary surpassing Rs. 75,000, pregnant people with a destitution score over 40%, moms of children beneath two a long time ancient, and government employees.

Required Documents

You must visit the closest center to enroll for the advancement program with the required documentation; your character card is vital to these documents.

Information around Enrolling for a Child Immunization Card


How can I get the 7000 Payment?

For the special program, you can visit your closest bank account or ATM to get 7000.

What are the archives required for the program?

  • Information approximately Enlisting for a Child Immunization Card
  • Gas bill
  • Copy of most later information
  • NADRA-issued character card


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