Latest News We are restoring most of the closed Benazir Income Support cards: Faisal Karim Kundi

Benazir Income Support cards

Benazir Income Support cards, We are giving what we have to about 98% of the flood affected BISP beneficiaries. We have given our money to them out of which we have given almost five billion rupees to Aishwarya and we have allowed scenes in Punjab which are approx. Out of this about 7516 families are left, the rest are families, we have completed them. If you notice that the flood problem was also a small component, when the government installed our Gmail.

Pakistan succeeded

About 2.8 million beneficiaries across Pakistan succeeded. And two surprises – the problem of 8 million beneficiaries, out of which we had to give ₹ 70, about 97 98% of the homelessness benefit given by the team, 1 month 1 1 / will be given within 2 months, the percentage that comes remains. There are people who have changed their mobile SIM. We do not have their latest data. Some people may have copied it. Some wives have died and are not registered because when they die, your certificate is not registered.

Benazir Income Support cards
Benazir Income Support cards

Beijing Support Program

Later his daughter Jyoti is born and he gets what we were looking for. Why should we take advantage? Then, there’s the core support program that we’ve made another cut. Currently, there are 139 officers of the Beijing Support Program in the whole of Punjab. There are some new tehsils that have been created in seven or eight tehsils in which we do not have an office. Today we have instructed them that these consoling offices will be opened for everyone within a week, God willing. Another good step in the program has been taken recently, in which we have registered the community in Pakistan. had decided to do and now we are almost done.

Tehsil Support Program

We have told everyone that you should go to the Nadir office, get your ID card made there, after making the ID card, go to your local Tehsil Support Program office and help them and make them yours without anyone else. In this way, all the rest of our people are also benefited with them. With this we are going to conduct a dynamic survey. Our routine survey was almost the same as what we had done in 2000 and 24. The government of Pakistan has taken this decision because many people have rejected the party, so we said. That we are going to start a dynamic survey.

KPK of Punjab 

Pakistan is also closed, whenever the party chairman and sir give us time, we will complete this survey in the second week of January. We have started an initial trial base, small but fresh. We will complete it around January 15. Almost as soon as that happens, the full service will start. Our first priority will be the flood-affected areas in which the apologists are coming. 22 districts belong to SIN, three districts of South Punjab, KPK of Punjab also have four such districts and a dynamic survey is being conducted all over Pakistan. It is about to start and I appeal to all those poor sisters and aunties of Pakistan.

Benazir Income Support cards
Benazir Income Support cards

survey people

Take your survey. I will also ask all my dignitaries out there to include as many of their people as possible in the survey. And one thing I want to tell you that here because more than any other in our country. This is going on, people are going around with forums, you give 2000 rupees, 3000 rupees and we give you a support program card to sell, we are survey people, they are all frauds, you have someone. No money was given to You have given money to someone. No one registers, you don’t have access to official music programs at this time.

Benazir Income Support Program

Yes it will not be a survey but a survey in your tehsil office which has run the Benazir Income Support cards Program and along with this we will provide support from other offices as well. There has been a huge increase. I think the same will be done with their support program cardholders. Eight to nine lakh eight rupees were withheld from the poor people by the previous government. You have executive passport, Shanti card, you have easy load of ₹ 1000 in Panchshi, have you traveled outside the country, whether you went at a young age or old age. You’ve been paid no matter what your phone bill is, it’s a thousand bucks.

BSP board

And they eliminated all the people without any filtration, but our board has almost approved it, the BSP board has given it and the majority card, God willing, not all of them. Can but after getting majority, it. Approved. We are looking at the majority of cards, whoever they are, we are going to open inshallah and we are doing the same for our best employees because they have not been promoted for the last 10 to 13 years. The structure that they have was not in all these things.

Americas section 

God willing we are busy and we are trying to build this thing, what is it, why do we do this, along with where I mentioned the flirts, the Americas section is still in the flood phase, no flood yet. Not finished, I was here yesterday.Only a few places I’ve been to, I’ve come to the Sun, there’s still standing water in some areas, I haven’t been able to go into the sea at this point, it’s not like we’ve passed through the flats, but I’m here with one of my Pakistanis. meet up Mr. Khan considers himself a leader as you may remember and we also remember that he announced that there was a big telephone call in praise of Pakistan.

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