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Benazir Income Support Programme 2024

The Benazir Income Support Programme 2024 (BISP) stands as a beacon of hope for prone communities throughout Pakistan. Since its inception, BISP has been instrumental in offering monetary help to thousands and thousands of deserving households at some point of the country.

Significance and Impact of BISP

BISP performs a critical function in assuaging poverty and fostering socio-economic improvement in Pakistan. By providing direct monetary useful resource to deprived families, particularly women, BISP now not solely mitigates the outcomes of poverty however additionally contributes to constructing a extra inclusive and resilient society.

Recent Disbursements

4th Quarterly Tranche of Benazir Kafaalat 2022-23

The 4th quarterly tranche of Benazir Kafaalat 2022-23 witnessed a outstanding disbursement of over forty-seven billion rupees to extra than 5.2 million beneficiary women. This distribution, initiated submit Eid-ul-Azha holidays, underscores BISP’s dedication to making sure well timed help reaches these in need.

1st Quarterly Tranche of Benazir Kafaalat 2023

Scheduled to begin on Monday, February 19, 2024, the 1st quarterly tranche of Benazir Kafaalat 2023 anticipates disbursing over fifty-five billion rupees to about 7.7 million families. Each household is slated to acquire 7,000 rupees, marking a sizeable step in presenting critical economic aid to marginalized communities.

Benazir Income Support Programme
Benazir Income Support Programme 2024

Enhancements and Updates

In an effort to beautify its impact, BISP has extended the stipend quantity to Rs. 10,500 for 9.2 million beneficiaries, beginning from November 2022. Furthermore, the Taleemi Wazaif software has been revamped to furnish extra money incentives, aiming to enhance college enrollment and minimize dropout charges amongst adolescents from beneficiary families.


The Benazir Income Support Programme stays a beacon of hope for millions, supplying no longer just monetary help however additionally possibilities for socio-economic empowerment. As BISP continues its mission to uplift prone segments of society, the influence reverberates a ways past monetary assistance, fostering a greater inclusive and resilient Pakistan.


Who is eligible to gain from BISP?

BISP objectives susceptible households, particularly women, throughout Pakistan who fall beneath the poverty line.

How often are disbursements made underneath BISP?

Disbursements usually show up quarterly, with unique dates introduced by way of the software management.

Can men and women practice for BISP assist directly?

Yes, eligible humans can observe via specific services or on line portals to avail BISP benefits.

What are the goals of the Taleemi Wazaif program?

The Taleemi Wazaif software objectives to incentivize training by way of offering extra monetary help to families, encouraging faculty enrollment, and lowering dropout rates.

How does BISP make contributions to poverty alleviation in Pakistan?

By supplying direct monetary help to deprived families, BISP performs a central function in mitigating the results of poverty and fostering socio-economic development.


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