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Benazir Kafalat

Benazir Kafalat,Benazir Income Support Program After getting the survey done, more than half of the women check their status through 8171 web portal, then they get the answer that you have been registered in the Dynamic Registry, hence you are eligible for the program. Now when they get this status, then they get upset and confused as to why we are getting this status. We have recently got the survey done, so why have we been denied this status so soon and why are we being investigated. Investigation was not even done and whatever we have is in NAIL’s list.Has it been included or how can it be that we are entitled but they have given us what we have so quickly,Will we get the money or not and what does it mean? So in today’s video I am going to explain to you why you are getting this message and whether you will get the money or not, if you get it then when will you get it. 

Benazir Income Support Program

then it is mandatory to subscribe to the channel, then see that the limit of score to join Benazir Income Support Program is up to 32 PMT. If the score of women is below 32 PMT, then whatever they have is not NAIL. Rather, they will be investigated and after the investigation, whatever they are, they are then accounted for in the program, but the woman whose score increases during the survey itself, i.e. goes above 32, then there will be no further action for that woman. Even investigation is not done, only those who are there at that time are included in the NIL list.

Family Member

Benazir Kafalat,Is included i.e. now the score is made in such a way that they ask about your children, ask about your family, how many family members are there in your family, which members are there, they ask about everything and the circumstances of your house. What is the condition of the house, is it pucca or kutcha, is there electricity etc. or not, is there TV, AC, fridge etc. They ask you all these things and when they enter these questions and answers in the tablet, your score is also the same. It is being prepared and when you submit the form which is there in the tablet after taking all the information, then after submitting it

PMT Score

Benazir Kafalat,At the same time, whatever is your score becomes what your score is, that is, right now none of your things have been seen from NADRA, nor has your car been seen, nor has your bank balance been seen, only your family. Your PMT score is determined by looking at the circumstances of the members and your household, how much is your PMT score. If during that time your PMT score goes above 32, then no record of yours will be seen from Nadra immediately. You will be included in the NIL list and if your score is below 32

Benazir Kafalat
Benazir Kafalat

Dynamic Registry

If yes, then you are not enrolled immediately, rather you are investigated and when you check your status, you are told that you have been registered in the dynamic registry. After investigation, you will be contacted through 81 71. Now this investigation is done through NADRA, your record is checked, what are the things in your name, what do you use online, what is yours and what is your record, then all this is your check. This is done which is being investigated and if looking at the condition of your house, it is yours.

Get This Message

If the score goes above 32, then you are immediately canceled and no further investigation is done, which is why you get the message that you have been registered in the Dynamic Registry and hence you are eligible for the program. No, those who get this message should understand that their score is above 32 and those who get this message that you have been registered in the Dynamic Registry, after investigation you will be de-inducted, then this is Understand that his score is below 32 and the other things that are seen are being investigated when he

Getting The Money

Benazir Kafalat,Once the investigation is completed then there are a lot of chances of getting the money due to them. So now you have understood that if you get the message of NAIL then your PMT score is high and if you get the message of investigation then your PMT score is higher. Your PMT score is below 32 and now let me make it clear to you that if you get the message that you have been registered in the dynamic registry and hence you are not eligible for the program, will such a family get the money or not? If we meet, then let me make it clear to you that such a family will not get the money at present unless their

Regular Money

The status is nil, they will not get money. Yes, it is possible that there is some agency program, some Ramzan program or some Eid program is run, then whatever is available under these programs, they can get some help as RG, rest they will get this regular money. Those who are given Rs. 0500 after every three months will not get it, so they will not get those installments. Now here another question would come in your mind that what should we do now to get the money, is there any such thing? There is no way that our status can be changed, so see, the government has a policy that whenEven if a woman gets the survey done, then the opportunity for her to get the survey done again is only after 2 years.

Survey Done

Benazir Kafalat,It is given later i.e. the last time you got your survey done, then you have to remember the data of that survey, in which year you got the survey done on which date, from that date onwards you will be given another chance after 2 years and Your survey will be done again and it will be seen whether you are eligible or not. If your score is low then you can become a part of this program and you can get regular money, but you can do your survey again before two years. can’t get it done

BISP Office

Rest, if it has happened that you have not got the birth forms made for any of your children and have got the survey done, then now you can get the birth forms of your children made and the roster updated and can tell the BISP office that these are our children. Now we have made the bay forms, so please update them with us, then when they will enter them with you, then it is possible that your score may reduce and then you can become an account of this program and if it is not so. That despite all the children you had, you remained unfaithful, yet you have been nailed, then now you have no one to blame.There is no chance, now you have to wait for 2 years. You have to wait for the next 2 years by remembering the date of the old survey, after 2 years will pass, then you can get the survey done again and apply for this program again. Okay, so I hope you have understood my words. 

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