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BISP 938 Error 

if you people are facing the issue of BISP 938 Error and earlier if you people were getting money but now you are not getting the money, now you people are facing the issue of 938 then now how did you people get the money?if you people had got free flour earlier then now another good news has come for you people and what is the news along with this. -In today’s video, we will discuss everything about how you guys should get the issue of Nazarene 938 resolved.

Working Under BISP

then the installments of 10500 have now been received by many people and those who People who did not get it will also get it very soon. Apart from this,there were many people who are facing the issue of 938,you people do not need to worry at all, you people are working under BISP to get the issue of 938 resolved. You can go to the office and when you guys go to the BISP office,

BISP 938 Error 
BISP 938 Error

Free Flour 

Insha Allah, your issue of 938 will be resolved very soon. Apart from this, the Nazarene people who had got free flour will not get free ration this time, but the Nazarene people will get subsidy in their ration this time. For this, you people will have to go to the utility store. While going to the utility store, you people should have only your grandson’s card or you should have a SIM registered on your grandson’s card. When these two things are present with you, then you Will also be able to go to the utility store and you people too

BISP Office 

Will you be able to get subsidy in ration and Nazarene of 938 issue, as I have told you earlier that you people should go directly to the office, you people do not need to pay money to any person, many of you people [music] this You guys may have already got your Kiss. You guys can get your Kiss checked by going to the BISP office becauselet me tell you that the 8171 web portal takes a little more time to get updated, so you guys.You can also get checked by going to the direct office.

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