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BISP Check Balance 

So today what I am going to tell you is how you can check your total payment online. Many people were facing problems because of this and they did not even know. It was going on that how much was our total payment and there were many problems in our portal too but what happened, all those problems are gone and I am going to give you good news and also teach you the method. I am going to tell you how you can BISP Check Balance your payment through our online web portal

Payment Portal 

new update is there about Bajri Income Support Program, I am there. I keep providing you people timely,new update and you people are not a victim of any fake news, so what I am telling you today. I am going to tell that I am going to tell with reference to the portal which was ours which was having seizures.Sometimes he was coming up and sometimes he was going down. after all, we gave him the medicine for BP, the pill. I gave Sholi to him and he got cured, now many of you people were complaining that yesterday sir, check in the evening, money was being shown to our children too, now check. There are only 10500 shows, so all such people can check the total payment on their payment portal and not only their own payment.

Sindh Government 

The show is going on that their children are being educated, apart from this, they are giving them Eid packages. Different Subai governments, in Gilgal, Bastan, Kashmir, Balochistan and Islamabad, the governments there are giving them how much, they are giving Rs 2,000 and apart from this, they are giving them Rs. The Sindh government is giving Rs 5000 and apart from this, KP government is giving Rs 10000 and how much is it giving, only KP government has put a condition that we will give Rs 10000 to those whose PMT is up to 26. That payment is also being shown to you people, what did you do first of all?

8171 Web Portal

All you have to do is go8 171. When you write, 8171 web portal will come up. So here you have to click. After that, what you all have to do is write your Shakti card number and the four E’s code below. If you have to write that then what will happen to you people? The total payment will be shown. Now you people have to take this payment, this is your total. Many people were saying that sir, the payment of our children is not being shown and many people today. I told them what will I do to you, I will BISP Check Balance  the payment on Monday, I don’t know what to do, so they

Local Government

This is my request to everyone, I did not even reply to them because today we kept updating our portal, so finally we have updated it. Now you can also BISP Check Balance the money of your children there. You can check your money there, apart from this, on the third number, you can also check the EDI given to you by your local government, then you can check all its payments there and This is your total payment and this is what you people have to take. Well, there are many people and there are also those who are like this.

Shanakhti Card Number

What they do is they bring the payment once, after that they come again, come again and BISP Check Balance their Shanakhti card number, then again that payment is being shown, then they say yes, our payment is still being shown. If so, will we get it again? It is not at all true that you will not get the payment again. You have to get the payment only once and it is clearly written on the portal that if you have not received it then you can take it to a nearby payment center where the payment is made. If you have taken it, then the matter is over, then if you do not get it again, then for this reason you will get it only once. Well, there is one more thing in this.

BISP Check Balance 
BISP Check Balance

Remaining Payment

Now there are many people who have already withdrawn their Rs 100500. If they have now received Rs 5000 Edi from the government, what will they do? Now what they will get is only Rs 5000. Similarly, there are many people who have received Rs 10000 Edi. Or if you have got Rs. 2000, if you have already paid your installment then now you will get the remaining payment. All the people are getting total pay from me, so for now you will get this much. Yes, if your children still have any wazaf problem then you People are not getting this total payment, if the shows are not happening then you guys should get it checked.

Total Payment

For now, those who were worried yesterday that yes, we are having only 10500 shows and they were telling me that yes, what should you do, if you BISP Check Balance  the payment on Monday, then all that, what all those people, what should they do? They should check their payment themselves and this is the link and their total payment is being shown on this, so what can they do from here, they can check their total payment. Yes, if someone has children, that means more children and their stipend is less. If he has come or if the children have not come then he can get me checked. Now the messages have become so many, I

Children Stipend

I am not able to know, yes, whose problem is actual and whose problem is not because it is all a mixture, there are so many messages.It is not possible to say that yes, yes, who among them has an actual problem or who does not have it, a lot of people come there to message like this, although I have already told those things in the video, so that is why you people. Well, you people will get only this payment, even if your children’s stipend remains, what will they get?When the children’s payment comes next, what will they get in it if they have to get themselves enrolled again?

Payment Portal

Or if there is any issue of change in their school or any other issue, then I will definitely BISP Check Balance  it with you all, but for now, what you have to do is that you have to get as much as is shown on the payment portal, you people cannot get more than that. If you get this reason, what should you do, first of all, take as much as your payment shows and rest as far as I can, I will try my best to facilitate you as much as possible. People are very worried and it also creates problems for you people, why many people are also saying that Sir, if we do this because of this

Union Council

They also become silent because what to do if we tell them anything, they will not throw us out next time. Next time I have already told you that we have become bigger than six banks, this retail is not going to happen next time. What are we going to do this time? We are going to make payment at the Union Council level. We will have retailers present in every Union Council and the women of that Union Council will be paid in their own Union Council. What will be the payment? So next time we will adopt this method. We are going to end this system completely, what will we have in the bank side?If there are retailers then this old system is going to end, so don’t worry that yes, next time they will not throw us out, next time you go to them, what do you have to do, you don’t have to go to them, no problem. It’s over because next time other people will also come and give the payment, so for this reason, eliminate this fear from within yourself, then hope for the best, Inshallah, everything will be fine, I am with you guys, don’t worry, definitely will make it better. 

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