Breaking News! Punjab Announces New Negahban Card Program

Breaking News! Punjab Announces New Negahban Card Program

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the Punjab government has launched a new initiative called the Negahban Card Program. This program aims to provide financial assistance and other benefits to deserving families in the province. The program will offer 12000 to eligible families thrice a year, totaling 36000 annually. The program targets 6.4 million deserving families across Punjab. The Punjab government has committed a significant budget of 307 billion for five years to support this program

New Negahban Card Program Application Process.

An online portal has also been introduced for the acquisition of Nighban Cards, like others. With this, you can submit your application, and if you are eligible, you can complete your registration process and get the guardian card. The latest registration method is listed

New Registrations: A new online portal exists for those not already in BISP for the Negahban Free Ita Scheme. Here’s the registration process breakdown:

Visit the Official Website: Unfortunately, the announcement doesn’t mention the specific website address. You should wait for an official announcement or check the Punjab government’s website for updates.

Fill out the Registration Form: Complete the registration form accurately once you find the website. This likely involves providing your name, contact number, national identity card number, and other required information.

Verification and Eligibility Check: The authorities will assess your registration based on the eligibility criteria set for the Caretaker Relief Package.

Confirmation and Distribution: If verified and eligible, you’ll receive confirmation and potentially an Ehsaas Rashan Riayat card (for subsidized groceries) along with three 10kg bags of flour from utility stores.

Eligibility Criteria For New Negahban Card 

To get these Nihgaban cards, you must meet the eligibility criteria, then you should apply for a Nihgaban card. If you want to know your eligibility details, read the steps below and see whether you can get the guardian card. If you are eligible, complete your registration form now.

  • The program is currently limited to residents of Punjab province.
    Individuals already registered under the BISP but not receiving financial aid may be considered.
  • Participants who completed registration for the Negahban Ramadan program and received free rations will likely be included.
  • The program will open for new registrations, targeting families facing financial hardship.
    How to Obtain the Negahban Card

The specific application process for obtaining the Negahban Card is yet to be announced by the Punjab government. The article suggests staying updated on the official Negahban Center for details on registration procedures.

Benefits Of New Negahban Card

Financial Assistance: The program directly addresses financial needs by providing regular cash infusions to low-income families.
Convenience: Beneficiaries can access their funds through ATMs, eliminating the need to visit government offices.
Program Integration: Negahban cardholders may be eligible to

participate in other Punjab government programs that offer additional support.

Ration Subsidies: The card may be used to access subsidised food rations.
Future Loan Opportunities: The program opens doors for government-backed loan opportunities.
New Negahban Card Latest Update

The registration process has started to ensure the distribution of Nighaban Cards to all those in the Nigehbaan Card Program. All users who are eligible for registration in the Nigehbaan Cards. Complete your registration process now and get the guardian card. All the details for completing your registration have been entered. Read the article carefully, know if you are eligible, and can register.


The Negahban Card Program represents a significant initiative by the Punjab government to address poverty and provide financial security to deserving families. With its focus on direct financial aid, convenient access to funds, and potential integration with other programs, this program has the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of many Punjab residents.

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