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Cash Program

they will not get any installment and there are two types of families whose money has been released if earlier If you find that they have not been discontinued, then we will give you complete information regarding the same in very detailed manner because there are many people who have been getting installments from Benazir Income Support Program for a long time but now due to a small mistake their Benazir incomeCan get the help of support program ended, surely this is a big help for the poor people, which keeps on releasing huge help after three months and under this Cash program, not only Kafa is given but also the amount for children’s education is also released. So, what is the mistake which can be taken out of this Cash program and if not doing it has no effect on the popularity of this Cashprogram, then we will also talk about it. As the number of people increases, we will also update you with the new installments.

Two Installments

you all know that the earlier installments from January to March were issued at the retailer shops of HBL and Baikal Flug, but the recent installments that are going to come will be issued to you under a slightly different system because These are being issued from the camp site and this installment will be paid in two installments. Along with this, let us tell you that the details regarding the new installments, earlier also we have told you that the people of Marhala will be given first and the people of Marhala will be given first. Installments will be credited to the accounts of the beneficiaries of the areas covered under IAS.

Getting The Payment

Receipts have started and along with this, let us also tell you that the installments of Kafa Program and Talimi Jazaf Cash Program are being released simultaneously, so after this, people of different genders, districts, areas, beneficiaries and others are left. If you have been selected for Marhala, then they will start getting the payments as soon as the second Marhala starts. Before this, we have told you completely in the previous video that in the first Marhala, the beneficiaries of which areas and which areas will get it from whom and from whom in the second Marhala. Beneficiaries of which areas will get installments in Marhala

Benazir Income Support Program

So you can watch the earlier videos right here, now let’s talk about some changes in the Benazir Income Support Cash Program and some important updates that 81 Qatar web portals have been updated, you know that for some time First the 81 7 web portal was also updated with the amount of subsidy of Khusi Ramzan Relief Packages and after that the details of Benazir Kafa Program, details of Dynamic Survey and also the details of Ration Subsidy of Utility Stores were also updated in the same 271 web portal. If it is told on the page, now you can also check from here that your money is closed.

Cash Program
Cash Program

Web Portal 

Whether it has been done or not, Majeed, let us tell you in a simple way that if you check your identity card on 41 web portal and you get a status showing that you are eligible for Benazir Kafa Program, then your identity card is registered in the dynamic registry. Registration has been done and you are also eligible for utility store subsidy, which means if these three statuses of yours become eligible, then you are congratulated, your money will neither be stopped nor is it being stopped, so from this reference You have to check yourself, Majeed, let me tell you that there are three types of beneficiaries who can register on 81 7 web portal.

Benazir Kafalat Program

On the first number, such beneficiaries who are being told that you are eligible for Benazir Kafalat Program, you have also been registered in the Dynamic Registry and you are not eligible for the subsidy of Utility Store Corporation, then listen to this last installment of their After this, they will get the chance of Ahaliya only after getting their new survey done in 2026 and before that, again before Ahaliya, their installments have been stopped, only the last installment which is going to be released now, it is unlikely that they will get this installment. Similarly, there are other types of women who are being told that

Utility Store

If you are eligible for Benazir Kafa Program, you have not been enrolled in the Dynamic Registry or go to the nearest office to get yourself enrolled in the Dynamic Registry and you are eligible for the subsidy of Benazir Sorry Utility Store, then the money of such beneficiary can also be stopped in this case. That if they do not get their dynamic survey done by 30th June 2024, then along with this, there are women who come at the third place and the status is shown that you have been registered in the dynamic registry through 8171, after investigation, you will be called by Matla. If it is given then it will be like this

8171 Portal

The installments of the women will also not be released for the time being, apart from this, two types of women who have already been taking money have now got themselves registered in the dynamic survey, meaning it has been mentioned earlier also that those whose all three statuses are Those who come in Ahal, they will also get money and such women who have been around for a short time, in this program, only their Ahaliya of Kafa program is shown and on 8171 portal, Ahaliya of utility store is shown, dynamic survey is done. If there is no status show then their money was also released.

Government Employees

If you go, then these are the two types of families whose installments will be released this time. Let us also tell you that such government employees whose salary will be released this timeWow, those who are less than 0000 are also now being made a part of BISP. This special reason has been given to all the government employees of Jailkhana caste in Marhala first, Majid, now later on the rest of the government employees are also whose salary is Rs. Viewers Majeed, if the amount is less than Rs 2000000, they will also be included. You can also check the payments of BISP from 81 Ktra web portal and till now the ATM is also not being restored

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