Exciting News: Govt Mulls Alternative Scheme to Cash Rewards for IT Companies 2024

Cash Rewards for IT Companies

In an era where technology drives economic progress, the IT sector has become a cornerstone of development for many countries, including Pakistan. The government recognizes the pivotal role this sector plays in national growth and is considering a new approach to support IT exporters. This article delves into the recent discussions and proposed changes aimed at enhancing incentives Cash Rewards for IT companies that export their services.

Initial Meeting

The first assembly of the Functional Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication was a significant step toward reshaping the support framework for IT exporters. Led by the Minister of State for IT and Telecommunication, Shaza Fatima Khawaja, the meeting saw participation from key stakeholders, including Member IT Syed Junaid Imam, Member Telecom Muhammad Jahanzeb Rahim, representatives from the Finance Division, Ministry of Commerce, State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Discussion on the Current Cash Reward Scheme

The current cash rewards for IT Companies scheme for IT exporters was elaborated on by Nadeem Malik, Secretary General of P@SHA. This scheme has been instrumental in fostering growth within the IT sector by providing monetary incentives to companies exporting their services. These incentives have enabled many IT businesses to expand their operations and improve their service offerings. However, as with any scheme, there are challenges, such as the sustainability of long-term financial support and ensuring equitable distribution of rewards.

Considering an Alternative Plan

The primary focus of the assembly was to explore a new plan that could potentially replace the existing cash rewards for IT Companies scheme. The objective is to devise a model that continues to support IT exporters but in a more efficient and sustainable manner. The discussions highlighted the need for a structured approach that not only provides immediate financial relief but also encourages long-term growth and stability within the sector.

Formation of a Committee

To delve deeper into the formulation of this new plan, a committee was established. The committee comprises Member IT Syed Junaid Imam, P@SHA Secretary General Nadeem Malik, and a representative from the State Bank of Pakistan. This team is tasked with exploring various models and identifying the most effective method to support IT companies.

Proposed Changes in the New Plan

The new plan under consideration includes several key changes aimed at improving the current system. These changes focus on creating a more structured and transparent process for awarding incentives. The proposed model seeks to align financial rewards with the performance and growth metrics of IT companies, ensuring that support is provided where it is most needed and can have the greatest impact.

Support from Key Stakeholders

The success of this initiative depends on the collaboration and support of various stakeholders. The Finance Division’s role is crucial in ensuring the availability of funds and managing financial allocations efficiently. The Ministry of Commerce will provide insights into market trends and international trade regulations, helping to tailor the plan to meet global standards. The State Bank of Pakistan will offer guidance on financial policies and ensure that the incentives align with the country’s economic goals. P@SHA, representing the IT industry, will bring in valuable feedback and suggestions from the companies that stand to benefit from these incentives. The PTA will ensure that the telecommunications infrastructure supports the growth of IT exports.

Sustainable Growth for the IT Sector

A key goal of the new plan is to promote sustainable growth within the IT sector. This involves not just providing financial incentives but also creating an environment that supports innovation, research, and development. By focusing on long-term strategies, the government aims to build a robust IT industry that can compete globally and contribute significantly to the national economy.

Cash Rewards for IT Companies
Cash Rewards for IT Companies

Government’s Commitment to the IT Sector

The government’s dedication to nurturing the IT sector is evident from its past initiatives and future plans. Previous efforts have included tax incentives, infrastructure development, and skill enhancement programs. The new plan is a continuation of these efforts, aimed at addressing current challenges and preparing the industry for future opportunities.

Economic Impact

The IT sector is a major contributor to Pakistan’s economy, providing numerous job opportunities and driving technological advancements. The proposed changes in the incentive scheme are expected to enhance the sector’s contribution by encouraging more companies to export their services, thereby increasing revenue and job creation.

Challenges and Solutions

Identifying and addressing challenges is crucial for the success of the new plan. Issues such as bureaucratic delays, lack of transparency, and uneven distribution of incentives need to be tackled. The proposed solutions include streamlining processes, enhancing transparency, and implementing a performance-based reward system to ensure fairness and effectiveness.

Feedback from the IT Industry

Engaging with the IT industry is vital to understand their needs and concerns. Feedback from IT companies has highlighted the need for a more predictable and reliable incentive system. Suggestions for improvement include reducing administrative hurdles, offering additional support for startups, and ensuring timely disbursement of funds.

Future Prospects

The proposed changes are expected to bring about significant positive outcomes for the IT sector. By providing a more structured and efficient support system, the government aims to boost the growth of IT exports, enhance competitiveness, and attract more investments in the industry. The long-term prospects include a stronger, more resilient IT sector capable of driving economic growth and innovation.


In conclusion, the government’s initiative to revamp the cash rewards for IT Companies scheme for IT exporters is a forward-thinking move aimed at fostering sustainable growth in the sector. By considering feedback from key stakeholders and focusing on long-term goals, the new plan promises to create a more effective and equitable system for supporting IT companies. This initiative not only underscores the government’s commitment to the IT sector but also highlights its strategic approach to economic development.


What is the current cash reward scheme for IT companies? 

The current scheme provides financial incentives to IT exporters to help the sector grow.

Who are the members of the newly formed committee? 

The committee consists of Member IT Syed Junaid Imam, P@SHA Secretary General Nadeem Malik, and a representative from the State Bank of Pakistan.

What is the goal of the alternative scheme? 

The goal is to replace the cash reward scheme with a more effective and sustainable model to support IT companies.

Why is the government focusing on the IT sector? 

The IT sector is crucial for economic development, providing many job opportunities and contributing significantly to national growth.

What are the expected benefits of the new plan? 

The new plan aims to provide a more structured and efficient support system, enhance the growth of IT exports, improve competitiveness, and attract more investments in the industry.

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