Breaking News Punjab Approves Program to Help People with Solar Power for Electricity

Solar Power for Electricity

Solar Power for Electricity The Punjab government has launched the Solar Power for Electricity Relief Program to support electricity consumers by promoting solar power adoption. This initiative aims to reduce electricity costs and encourage sustainable energy practices across the region. Solar Relief Program The Solar Relief Program facilitates the installation of solar power systems for … Read more

Good News PM Shahbaz Announces Solar-Powered Tube Well Package for Baluchistan Farmers 2024 || Latest Update

Solar-Powered Tube Well Package : Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Announces Solar-Powered Tube Well Package  for Balochistan Farmers and has launched a transformative initiative to solarize 28,000 tube wells in Balochistan, aiming to supply farmers with a cost-efficient electrical energy solution. Supported with the aid of each federal and provincial governments, this solarization application aligns with … Read more

EXCITED NEWS: Tube Wells PM Shahbaz Sharif Announces Solarisation of Tube Wells in Balochistan

Tube Wells

 Solarisation of Tube Wells :  Solarisation of Tube Wells Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has unveiled a transformative initiative to solarise 28,000 tube wells in Balochistan, aimed at presenting farmers with low-priced electricity. This initiative is a collaborative effort between the federal and provincial governments and is predicted to substantially advantage the agricultural region in the … Read more