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CNIC Check Online,Government of Pakistan has increased the stipend of BISP. This half-monthly stipend i.e. the payments which used to be made for 3 months has been increased and now from the year 2024 this amount has been increased to Rs 10500 per year.the first stipend payment which will be Rs 10500 has been increased by the government of Pakistan. How much installment of Benazir Kafalat program will you get in March 2024, from where you have to collect the money with complete details. In this video you will be told friends, first number

Benazir Kafalat Program 

CNIC Check Online,You should note one thing that earlier you used to get the installment of Benazir Kafa Program 7500, now the installment of Benazir Kafalat Program has been increased to 100500, so friends, this month is going in March 2024, within this month the installment of Benazir Kafa Program will be given. ₹ 1500000 You have to take money, if someone deducts your money, then you can call the helpline of Benazir Income Support Program and lodge a complaint against that person. Friends, here you should note one more thing, in March 2024, the children who You get a stipend of Rs. 10,000, which we call educational scholarship, that has also been issued in March.

Collect the Scholarship

You can also collect the scholarship of your children before the 30th. Let me tell you how much money you have to take. Friends, if your child is studying till primary then it is ₹ 2500000. If the child is studying neither in class nine or class 10, then it is Which is ₹ 2500000 will be given. If your child is studying till secondary class till matriculation then he will be given 000. If your child is doing F in first year and is in second year then he will be given 000. Now friends, one thing here. Keep in your mind that your installment of 0500 of Benj Kafa Program has arrived, okay along with this when you have received your 0500

Children’s Scholarship

If you have to recover, you have to recover your children’s scholarship as well. Okay, for example, if your child is studying in first year or second year, then you have to take Rs. 5500 for hers and Rs. 5500 for yours. Okay, this is it. Your total will become 000. If you have a child and he is growing in the first year or second year, then 000 you have to take his stipend and 0500 you have to take your stipend, okay then this total will become your 00, okay with this method. You can also calculate yourself if your child studies in primary or if your child studies up to middle class or up to F.A.

CNIC Check Online
CNIC Check Online

Completed Primary Education

If she studies, then you can also calculate her scholarship yourself. Okay, now friends, below you can see a small note written that an additional bonus of Rs. 3000 will be given to the girls on the basis of primary education, if your child has completed primary education this year. If you have passed primary or last year, then you can also claim its bonus stipend which is Rs. 000. Okay, anyway, the purpose of this article was to tell you that this is the complete installment of Benazir Kafa Program which is If it is released after three months, then it has been released within March because you know after which month?

HBL Bank

CNIC Check OnlineIt is released, you did not get the money even within January, many people did not get the money even within February, so now the month of March has come, your installment has been released within March, so you have recovered your money before 30th March. Now friends, let’s talk about where you will get this money. See friends, there are two ways in which the money is made through the Income Support Program, number one is through banks, if you get money from the bank, ATM. If your Benazir Kafa card is made then the bank from which you get money is Simple HBL Bank.

Recover Your Money

If you get it then you go to the ATM of ABL Bank. If you get it then you go to the ATM of Bank Alfalah. If you get it then you go to the ATM of Bank Alfalah. By going there you can recover your money. Okay, this is the second method if you get it through biometric verification. If you get money through this then you can go to the cash point of Benazir Kafa Program wherever there is a cash point near you, wait for your turn and through biometric verification you can receive your money. Okay, so these two There is a method through which the Kafa program is cached.You can receive it 

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