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CNIC Check Registration 

CNIC Check Registration ,I am your host and you are watching on skill. I congratulate all my friends and today a latest update has come according to which now three types of messages will come to you from the government and three types of messages are from them. The meaning will also be different and the help on these will also be different. There are two types of messages, if you get taxed then you get money from it and there is a third type of message, if you get taxed then your money is first of all

Receiving a Message

There is an important update, according to which you are currently receiving a message on number 8171 from the government, it has a message for ration and this message has been issued by Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif, those people who have not yet received ration. A message is being forwarded by Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif to all the states and those whose poverty score is from one to 60, that is, your PMT score is from one to 60, have received this message in the message. Let me check the screen so that you can know and the other type of message after this is also for you guys.

Government of Pakistan 

If you share it with us then first of all here is the message that the government of Pakistan has sent you, it will be like this, those who have received the tax, they know this, those who have not received it yet, they can see here, it is told here that the government has On behalf of Mohtarma Bibi Nati card number is written here and along with it the amount of Binsar Kafa program is written that Mohtarma who is a wife is eligible for Binsar Kafa program, hence you can establish Habib Bank in your district as per your real identity card. Go to the payment markaz and collect the total installment of ₹ 1000000 if you have earlier

New Installment

CNIC Check Registration, If the installment of ₹ 10,500 has not been recovered, then one of you is getting this message, it has been recovered by many families due to which another new installment of ₹ 0500 is being received here but the issue is that along with this Another message is also coming to many families in which you people are being told about the ration. What is this message, I will show you this on the screen. After that, we will move towards the third message and that message will be sent to you along with us. We will also tell you the solution here. On behalf of Wazir Azam Shahbaz Sharif, a subsidy was issued across the country, according to which now the ration is available to you all here.

Registered Family

But it is being given that from here you can also take cheap ration, you can also take free ration and you can also join other programs of the government and those who have not been registered yet are also being told that you will not have to go anywhere. There is no need to go far, you can get this subsidy by going to the utility store also. Now the message being delivered here on behalf of Wazir Azam Pakistan is that BISP through the utility store of Wazir Azam Pakistan. 7 e 5 billion on 19 basic asia for registered family till 60 pm

Another Message

CNIC Check Registration ,The Khususi Rait package of rupees is being given here, so you can collect it from the office which is close to BISP or you can collect the package from the utility store and along with it there is another message also. Coming and the third message is very important as we had warned you earlier also that the government is going to stop your money in future, so now the time has come that your money will be stopped here but one thing. Steps are still left for you, if you complete this step by keeping this policy of the government in your mind, then you will also get this step further.

CNIC Check Registration 
CNIC Check Registration

Income Support Program

Help can be found. There is good news for all those who are innocent and for those whose investigation was going on. For those who have not got anything till date, there is good news here and there is a little bad news for those who are in trouble for 2 years to 3 years. BN Sir has been a part of the Income Support Program since last 4 years and is taking the money here monthly. Not only this, there are also some families who had become a part of this program during the reign of Wazir Azam Imran Khan and they have been receiving the money here continuously. But the payments have been made on behalf of the government and their money was never stopped, so now the latest policy

Third Message

CNIC Check Registration ,According to what has come, a third message is also going to come to you people here and to those who get this third message, let me tell them that you should not worry, your work is to do what the government has told you. You have to execute, if you execute, then you still have almost 90 chances that you will be executed. If you don’t even try, if you just waste the time, then you will not get any benefit from here, so Wazir Azam here. The programs that are being brought to you by Shahbaz Sharif are programs based on the truth of loyalty.

BISP Program

And I am taking it with me here all morning. Here, some new programs have been praised by Ali Amin Gandapur and in the same way, Maryam Nawaz has also praised the programs for you people, but which This is a program of Shahbaz Sharif, it is of BSP and it is necessary to be ahil in BISP program. If you join the project of BSP and become ahil after applying, then you get help here for 4 years but before that, I have to do this thing. Let me tell you that if you make any mistake, you make a mistake due to which you become helpless and you

Get Registered 

CNIC Check Registration ,It is understood that you are entitled and eligible, then after that you are not included for 2 years This is why it is important that when you have to get a survey done or you have gone to their office for dynamic and registry, then first know all the details and only then you have to go there when you have complete information. So it will be easy for you people to get registered and you can also get a chance to join BISP program. If you get registered like this, you do not know anything, your record is not your match.

Survey Done

If you do not have complete Kowai, then you will not be made a part of the BISP program, then here are the third type of families from the government, to whom this message is being forwarded that your entry is not in the dynamic registry, hence Get the survey done by you. It is said that you will get the money only when you get the dynamic registry done, for this you have to go to the office again. Earlier the government used to ask the questions verbally and according to that the PMT Used to decide but now the government has set a rule.

New Survey 

CNIC Check Registration ,According to that, you people are being made a part of this program. The new survey which has been started for the people by the government, it is very important if you get the new survey done and in it you have written the size of your family in full, that is, the number of children. If you have given the records of all the children, given the records of all the people living in the house and you have become a big family and your income is limited, then you will be included in the Basic Income Support Program by the government. For this, it is expected that the government will make dynamic registry mandatory.

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