Complete Registration In Ehsaas Program In A New Way

Complete Registration In Ehsaas Program In A New Way

Ehsaas Program 2024

If, for some reason, you could not complete your registration in the Ehsaas program, then this article is for you. In this article, you will get to see complete details about the new procedure to complete the registration. And you will be able to complete your registration very easily, without any problems.

Actually, the Ehsaas program was started for poor and deserving people, but still, there are many families who could not complete their registration under this program due to some reason. Over the years, the registration procedure has been changed several times in this program. But many people are not aware of the procedure to complete the registration according to the current time. In this article, the complete procedure for completing the registration for such persons has been described. If you also belong to a poor family and the financial conditions are unstable and you are suffering from poverty due to rising inflation in the country, then read this article completely and complete your registration.

New registration procedure in Ehsaas Program

The government of Pakistan has introduced a new registration procedure in the Ehsaas program, considering the difficulties of poor and deserving people. If you have not yet completed your registration, then this procedure is for you. Complete your registration through the procedure mentioned in this article.

Earlier, people had to travel from remote areas to visit the Ehsaas program office to complete their registration. Due to this, their valuable time was wasted, and often their registration could not be completed. Due to this, they were disappointed and did not complete their registration. But now that the government has changed this procedure, along with completing the registration at the office, such people can also complete their registration online at home. The procedure for completing the online registration is described below in the same article. If you do not want to complete your registration by going to the office, then this procedure is for you. After knowing this procedure in full detail, you can also complete your registration very easily.

New online registration Ehsaas Program

If you also want to know about the online registration procedure, then you are at the right place. Here, you are being told about the online procedure to complete the registration at home. If you also want to know the procedure to complete your registration, then follow the procedure given below.

To complete the online registration, you first have to visit the official website of the Ehsaas program. You can use any browser to open the website. As soon as you open the official website, you will see a registration button in the top menu. After clicking on the registration button, a registration form appears in front of you. If you want to complete your registration, you have to enter all your necessary information in this form. After entering all the information, you will see a submit option below. As soon as you press the submit button, your registration process is complete.

After completing the registration process, you have to wait for a few days. After waiting for a few days, you will receive an SMS on your mobile number. Remember, this SMS was received only from 8171. Within this message, your eligibility is confirmed. If you are eligible, you can receive your financial aid.

How to complete the registration from the office

This procedure is helpful for those who cannot complete online registration. Those who wish to complete the registration in this way should go to the nearest Ehsaas program office with all their necessary documents, including their ID card, children’s form, house electricity bill, and proof of monthly income. After reaching the office, you have to go to the registration desk. The representative at the registration desk will collect all your information from you. After which, your NSER survey will be completed. You have to wait after the survey is completed. After waiting, you will receive an SMS from 8171. In this, your eligibility will be confirmed, and if you are eligible or ineligible, you will be informed with complete details.

Remember that this procedure is a little more difficult than the procedure of completing the online registration, but it is more efficient. Now it is up to you how you want to complete your registration.

Necessary instructions to complete the registration

  • Applicants who complete the registration must have a national identity card.
  • Applicants completing registration must have a family poverty score below 32.
  • Widows who wish to complete their registration must have their husband’s death certificate.
  • Persons with disabilities who wish to complete their registration must have a disability certificate.
  • Transgenders who wish to complete their registration must have a special identity card for transgenders.
  • Individuals who wish to complete their registration must have a monthly family allowance below 60,000.

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