Comprehensive Overview of the Punjab Free WiFi Scheme (2024)

Comprehensive Overview of the Punjab Free WiFi Scheme (2024)

Recently, Punjab Chief

Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif fulfilled her commitment by officially launching the Punjab Free WiFi scheme. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide by offering free, accessible, and reliable internet access at prominent public locations. In its inaugural phase, the scheme has rolled out free WiFi at 50 key spots across Lahore. This article provides a detailed breakdown of the locations where this service is available in Lahore and outlines the plan for its expansion to other cities in Punjab.

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Objective of the Scheme:

The primary goal of the Punjab Free WiFi scheme is to democratize internet access and ensure connectivity for all citizens, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. By offering free WiFi hotspots in major public areas, the government aims to enhance digital inclusivity and empower communities with online resources.

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Free WiFi Points in Lahore:

Here is a comprehensive list of public places, educational institutions, and hospitals in Lahore where the Punjab Free WiFi facilities are available:

Public Places:

  • Hussain Chowk
  • Naqsha Stop
  • Bilal Daivo
  • Kota Pind Stop
  • Shadman Chowk
  • Sir Ganga Ram Chowk
  • Food Street, Fort Chowk
  • MM Alam Road
  • Hafeez Kar Dar Road
  • Greater Iqbal Park
  • Jam Shireen Park
  • Qadhafi Stadium
  • Liberty Square
  • Sharif Education Complex
  • Siddique Trade Centre
  • Mazaang Adda
  • Astana Bazaar Needle Road
  • New Anarkali Bazar
  • Main Bazar Chongi
  • Model Bazaar Green Town
  • Mastigate
  • Sector Y Market
  • Gol Bagh Market Shadman Bagh
  • Cream Block Market
  • Zildar Road Market
  • A block market
  • Main Market
  • Valencia Town Market
  • Johor Town Market
  • G One Market Johor Town
  • Rahman Garden Phase Four
  • Dhobi Ghaat Droga wala
  • Qurban Line Jail Road
  • Sheikha Salem Mosque
  • Dars stop Bary Mian
  • OPP, HBL Bank
  • MINI Market
  • Green Town
  • Main MM Alam Road

Educational Institutions:

  • Lums University
  • Lahore College for Women
  • Minhaj University
  • Examination Centre, Lawrence Road
  • Lahore American School
  • Govt Muslim League High School
  • Degree College for Women, MT


  • Itfaaq Hospital
  • Shalimar Hospital
  • Emergency General Hospital
  • Al-Razi Hospital

Expansion to Other Cities:

While the initial phase focuses on Lahore, the Punjab government has pledged to extend the free WiFi service to other major cities in the province. The Punjab Information and Technology Board is actively working on this expansion, and citizens can expect to benefit from free WiFi facilities in other cities in the near future.

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The Punjab Free WiFi scheme represents a significant step towards promoting digital accessibility and connectivity across the province. With its expansion to other cities on the horizon, this initiative promises to empower communities with internet access, fostering greater opportunities for education, communication, and economic growth. Stay tuned for further updates from the Punjab government on the progress of this transformative scheme.

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