Dynamic Survey 10500 Milna Shuru

Dynamic Survey 10500 Milna Shuru

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) continues to evolve with new updates and initiatives aimed at improving its services and ensuring effective support for eligible beneficiaries. Here’s an overview of the latest developments within the program.

Maryam Nawaz Started 20500 Nigehban Program

Dynamic Survey

The dynamic survey, conducted periodically under the BISP, plays a crucial role in reassessing the eligibility of beneficiaries. This survey evaluates changes in beneficiaries’ circumstances, such as income levels and household composition, to determine ongoing eligibility for financial assistance.

Women not updating form in dynamic survey

Despite its importance, some women hesitate to participate in the dynamic survey due to fears of disqualification. It’s essential to understand that updating information through this survey is vital for maintaining eligibility. Failure to participate may result in disqualification and the cessation of financial support.

8171 Web Portal Update

Beneficiaries who experience changes in their Poverty Means Test (PMT) scores post-dynamic survey are advised to check their eligibility status on the 8171 web portal promptly. This portal provides critical updates on registration status and eligibility criteria. In cases where eligibility is jeopardized, beneficiaries are encouraged to visit the nearest BISP office to appeal and rectify any discrepancies.

Ehsaas Rashan Programme 8124

Third Phase of Benazir Kafalat Program

The third phase of the Benazir Kafalat program is currently underway, offering installments to eligible beneficiaries. Payments can be collected from designated camp sites and, starting from the 15th of each month, through bank ATMs for added convenience.

Dynamic Survey
Dynamic Survey
Eid Package 5000

Benazir Income Support Program installment increase

While the budget for the new financial year includes provisions for the Benazir Income Support Program, details regarding potential increases in aid amounts or installment frequencies remain pending confirmation. Beneficiaries are advised to stay informed through official channels for updates on future program adjustments.


The recent updates in the Benazir Income Support Program underscore its commitment to supporting vulnerable households across Pakistan. Participation in dynamic surveys, utilization of web portals for updates, and awareness of program phases are crucial for continued support and eligibility.


What is the dynamic survey under the Benazir Income Support Program?

The dynamic survey reassesses beneficiaries’ eligibility based on current circumstances such as income and household composition.

Why do some women avoid updating their information in the dynamic survey?

There is fear that updating may lead to disqualification; however, non-participation can also result in removal from the program.

How can I check my eligibility status on the 8171 web portal?

Visit the portal and enter your details to receive updates on your registration and eligibility status.

What should I do if my PMT score changes after the dynamic survey?

Visit the nearest BISP office to appeal and rectify any issues with your eligibility.

Where can I collect payments from the Benazir Kafalat program?

Payments can be collected from designated camp sites or bank ATMs from the 15th of each month.

Is participation in the dynamic survey mandatory for all BISP beneficiaries?

Yes, participation ensures continued eligibility and access to program benefits.

When will the next phase of the Benazir Kafalat program begin?

Information on program phases and start dates is updated periodically; beneficiaries should check official announcements.

Are there any changes expected in the amount of aid provided by the Benazir Income Support Program?

Future adjustments in aid amounts are subject to budgetary considerations and official announcements.

Can I update my information online for the dynamic survey?

Currently, updates and appeals regarding eligibility must be done in person at BISP offices.

How can I ensure uninterrupted support from the Benazir Income Support Program?

Stay informed about program updates, participate in surveys, and adhere to registration and eligibility guidelines.

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