Good News BISP Dynamic Survey Registration New Update 2024

Dynamic Survey

Dynamic Survey, After the increase in the Benazir Income Support Program, many people were waiting for the first installment as to when will we get this increased installment. With this reference, your wait is over, today we are going to warn you with a very good news. If you also want to get the installment of ₹ 10 500, then this information can prove to be very useful for you because in this video we We will also tell you how to check 0500 and from ATM.

Benazir Income Support Program

We will also tell you the method of taking this installment. Along with this, there is some very good news from those people who were involved in the investigation or those who want to get the dynamic survey done, or if it is a part of this video, then let’s get the details of all these details. Before that, those who have not yet subscribed to youtube1 or are watching the videos of this channel for the first time, they must subscribe to the channel because this is the channel through which you can get Benazir Income Support Program, Kafalaat Program, Benazir Talemi. Jajf Program Benazir Nashonuma Program Agosh Program

Relief Programs

Free Ration Program, Free Flour Program, Eid Package, Ramadan Package and various other new relief programs are provided and you are told how you can join these relief programs, how you can apply, how you can get help. So, if you also want to take help from the government, then subscribe to this channel from now on and press the bell icon next to it and select on all, this will ensure that you will get all the latest information. 

Message of Ahaliya

After a long wait, very good news is being heard. Yes, all those people who were stuck in the investigation for the last six-seven-eight months and were waiting for the message of Ahaliya to come from Qatar. The very good news is that till March 15, Inshallah, all the people whose Dynamic Survey has been completed for 6 months or more since the new registration, are being eligible for this program, many of them have not been eligible. Only the prosperous people will be a part of this program and all the entitled people will be included in it.

Dynamic Survey
Dynamic Survey

8171 Message

Messages will also be sent immediately from 8171 and their status will also be changed on the 81 71 web portal. Along with this, again quoting the survey, let us tell you that all such people for whom the survey is mandatory, were informed through 8171 message. Or those who have joined this program for about 3 years or more, then it is mandatory for them to get their survey done again. If they do not get their survey done again by 30th June, then their money will be stopped. If the help of such assistance programs is not available then the first time after the increase of Benazir Kafa program

ATM Including Maracay

Referring to the installments, let us tell you that the installment of Inshallah Benazir Kafa Program is going to start in the next 24 to 48 hours and from the very next Friday itself, this installment will reach the accounts of all of you and you will get it from your close ones. Payment will start being received from the ATM including Maracay. Yes, you can receive and check your installments from the ATM also. We have given an easy way to check the payment from the ATM. We want to do this or this type of thing. If you are looking for Jugaad then you don’t get any online method for it so that you can sit at home.

Check your Payments

Be able to check your payments. If you are facing any issue regarding payment or any assistance program related to BISP, then you can contact the helpline number sitting at home, helpline number 08002 6477 i.e. 80026 477. By calling, you can get your issues resolved and to some extent, you can also get information about your payments. Along with this, let us tell you that the installment through ATM has been started but many people are not able to pay through ATM. If you do not know the method of taking payment from us, then even before this we have told you that our

Kafalaat Program

There is a video available on the channel and you can go and watch the video in which it has been told how you can get money from ATM and yes, this good news has been told to you earlier also that Inshallah, the installment of Kafalaat program will start from tomorrow. It is happening but it does not mean that you will also start getting the money from tomorrow. It is that from tomorrow onwards the monthly payments will start coming in the accounts of all the people but from this Friday onwards you will be able to get the money from the ATM including cash in close payment.

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