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Ehsaas Cash Program

I will be able to get your help. Yes, we are going to update you with the next installment of Benazir Income Support Program because the installment of Kafalat Program and Talimi Wazaif Program is released after every 3 months and By this time, the date of the next installment has been formally announced. Certainly, all the beneficiaries are waiting to know when the months will be over and when will our new installment come because some beneficiaries under this Ehsaas Cash program. is very big

Kafalat program 

Help is available if he is a normal beneficiary and is only included in the Kafalat program, then he is also given an installment of ₹ 10,500. Along with this, if he has two to three children going to school and he has got them enrolled in Talim Jazaab, then He can also be given assistance up to ₹ 2000000, which is released after every three months, so before this, installments of ₹ 10500 and children’s scholarships were issued from January to March and even till now, those people whose accounts have These installments are present meaning if he has not yet collected this installment then he will pay it to his nearest

Ehsaas Cash Program
Ehsaas Cash Program

Education Program

You can collect these installments from Maraka and by quoting the new installment that will come after this, we are going to warn you with a very good news that Inshallah, the next installment of Benazir Income Support Program will be credited to the accounts of all of you on 10th May. Payments of Kafalat Program will be transferred along with the payments of Children’s Education Wazaif Program, so you will get these installments also and those whose children’s Wajaf is withheld will also be released along with this installment and the payment of Kafalat Program. If any installment of any beneficiary is pending then that too

New Installment

Inshallah, Majeed will be released with these installments. Keep updating you with reference to bank ATM and also with reference to the new banking system. Firstly, it has been decided to introduce the new banking system very soon, but this new installment is coming. You should decide on which shops it will be run as per the previous system and you have to take care that you have to calculate your installment and subsidy amount and recover it in full without any deduction. If there is a deduction anywhere, then you can contact that person. It is mandatory to file a complaint with BISP along with the location and complete information about the retailer and agents.

Helpline Number

You can also call the helpline number and register your complaint by calling 80026 477. You can also register your complaint by going to the nearest tehsil office of BISP. So, as far as queries are coming regarding bank ATM, then this installment ATMs are also not being restored during this period because till now the ATM machines of Bank Alfalah and Habib Bank are available for this program and that too only through bank retailers and agents. Payments are being made. Bank ATMs have not been restored yet. If suddenly any new news comes in this context then we will share it in our

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