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Ehsaas Humqadam Program

A Ehsaas Humqadam program has been started by the Government of Punjab, Punjab Social Protection Authority, whose name is Hum Kadam Program. How to register in this program, which people can apply for it, can get registered and how much can be benefited from this program. How much money can you get and what are the documents required to register in this program? I will share all the details with you, so watch the video till the end so that all the information can reach you and you can get registered in this program. apply

PMT Score

Those who can work are given 00 Mahana and those laborers who cannot work are given ₹ Mahana. Apart from this, the score of poverty is PMT score. Those whose PMT score is more than 30, Gurbat score will not get money from this scheme. Apart from this, it is necessary to be a resident of Pakistan and this is the contact number. You can contact this number for any help. And if you want to get any information about registration regarding WhatsApp2 then you can read this below.

Ehsaas Humqadam Program
Ehsaas Humqadam Program

Benazir Kafalat program

From here you can click on these numbers and ask, write whatsapp2HQ below, you will give space, after that you will write your Nath card number, I will get you checked, you can see this on the screen, HQ has to be written like this and further. You have to write this Nath card number and send it above 8123. In this way you take your Nath card number and send it above 8171. For Benazir program, for the Benazir Kafalat program, similarly you write HQ. Next we will give a space, after that we will write the number of Nath card and send it to 8123.

Shanakhti Card

I will give you one method, the other method is to check online eligibility, this is a web portal, here you have to write the number of Shanakhti card, this code is in the front, you have to write it here, to know, click on it. You will get the information, then when you check your background, you have to go to your nearest registration office and there you have to give a copy of your grandson card etc., you have to give the bay form and you have to give the certificate of wages. You have to take special care of one thing that your grandson

ID Card

There is a card and there should be a wage mark on it. I will get you checked. Those who have such ID cards have this chair symbol on them. There is a wage mark on it. It is necessary that such people will be included in this program. You can see in the picture there is a mark of a chair and this is the Nati Card, so you have to submit it there and if there are any forms etc., then you have to submit the certificate of employment etc., it will be yours and the PMT score is less than 30. Gurbat score should be less than 30 then you can apply for this program.

Disabled Person 

Then you have to go to that office and get registered there, first you have to check your background, then go to the office and get registered there, after that your process of registration will be completed and you will be able to get money from that program for those laborers who are not working. Those who can do the work will be given ₹ Mahana and those who can work will be given ₹ 1 Mahana. The amount of Rs 35 billion that has been set aside for this program, if you are a laborer or have any kind of disability in this program. If you have any such disabled person in your close circle then definitely

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