Good News Ehsaas New Payment Method Through CNIC Latest Updates 2024

Ehsaas New Payment Method

The Ehsaas program in Pakistan has been at the vain of enterprises aimed at easing poverty and fostering fiscal addition. As part of its ongoing efforts, Ehsaas new payment method through CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) introduced in 2024. This innovative approach is set to revise the way fiscal aid is expended,  icing effectiveness,  translucency, and availability for millions of heirs across the country.   Read: Checking Your Eligibility for the BISP

Overview of Ehsaas New Payment Method Through CNIC 

The Ehsaas new payment method through CNIC integrates cutting- edge technology with the idea of  furnishing a  flawless experience for Ehsaas heirs. Then is a breakdown of its crucial features   

Digital Wallet Integration 

  • Ehsaas heirs will now have access to a digital portmanteau linked directly to their CNIC. This  portmanteau serves as a secure platform for entering and managing  fiscal backing.  

Direct Deposits 

  • Fiscal aid from the Ehsaas program will be directly deposited into the digital holdalls
  • of eligible individualities. This eliminates the need for physical cash transfers, reducing the threat of loss or theft.  

Accessible Deals 

  • With finances available in their digital holdalls , heirs can make payments for goods and services at sanctioned  merchandisers and merchandisers. This promotes fiscal independence and empowers individualities to meet their  requirements with ease.  


  • The new payment system is designed to be inclusive,  icing that indeed those in remote areas can  pierce their  finances through authorized agents or designated service points.  Read: Aurat Foundation Program

Advantages of Ehsaas New Payment Method Through CINC

The preface of the new payment system through CNIC brings forth a range of benefits for both heirs and the Ehsaas program:   

Ehsaas New Payment Method
Ehsaas New Payment Method

Enhanced Security 

  • Digital holdalls offer an advanced position of security compared to carrying cash, reducing the threat of theft and fraud.  

Fiscal Commission 

  • Heirs have lesser control over their finances, enabling them to make purchases, pay bills, and save for the future.  


  • The digital nature of deals enhances  translucency and responsibility within the Ehsaas program,  icing that finances reach those who need them most.  

Cost Effectiveness 

  • Moving down from traditional cash transfers towards digital payments reduces  functional costs and enhances the  effectiveness of fund distribution.  Read: BISP PMT Score Program 

How It Works: A Step- by- Step Guide Ehsaas Payment Method

To more understand the process, let’s explore how the new payment system through CNIC works.  


  • Eligible individuals are registered in the Ehsaas program, and their CNICs are linked to digital holdalls .  

Funds Transfer 

  • Upon the disbursement of finances,  plutocrats are directly deposited into the device’s digital portmanteau.  

Wallet Management 

  • Heirs can pierce their digital holdalls through designated apps or USSD canons on their mobile phones.  


  • Funds in the digital wallet can be used for various transactions, including payments for groceries, utilities, healthcare, and more.

 Table:Quick Information

Transaction Type Description Amount (PKR)
Grocery Shopping Purchase of essential groceries 2,500
Utility Bill Payment Payment for electricity bill 1,200
Medical Expenses Consultation and medication costs at a clinic 3,000
School Fees Payment for children’s education fees 2,800
Total 9,500

Final Thought 

The preface of the new payment system through CNIC by the Ehsaas program marks a significant step towards enhancing  fiscal addition and commission in Pakistan. By using digital technology, the program not only streamlines fund disbursement but also promotes  profitable independence among heirs. The capability to make digital deals opens doors to a myriad of openings, enabling individuals and families to ameliorate their quality of life and make a more secure future.   Read: Buzurg Program Balance Check Process


Q Who’s eligible for the new payment  system through CNIC under the Ehsaas program?  

Eligibility criteria are grounded on the Ehsaas program guidelines, which  generally target low- income  individualities and  homes.   


Q Can heirs withdraw cash from their digital holdalls?  

Yes, heirs can withdraw cash from designated agents or ATMs using their digital holdalls. 


Q Are there any freights associated with the digital portmanteau?  

The Ehsaas program aims to minimize  freight for heirs, but some service providers may have nominal charges for specific deals.   


Q How can heirs check their digital  portmanteau balance?  

Heirs can check their portmanteau balance through mobile apps, USSD canons, or by visiting sanctioned service points.   


Q What should heirs do if they encounter issues with their digital holdalls?  

Heirs can reach out to Ehsaas helplines or designated support centers for backing with any portmanteau- related issues.   Read: Registration Process Ehsaas Bahimat


In conclusion, the Ehsaas new payment method through CNIC 2024 signifies a  vault towards a further inclusive and effective  weal system in Pakistan. By embracing digital  results, the program not only modernizes fund distribution but also empowers individualities to take control of their fiscal well- being. As the action continues to evolve, it holds the pledge of  transubstantiation and creating a more flexible society.   

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