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Ehsaas Program

friends, Ehsaas Program, Benazir Income Support Program and all the poor friends programs, Benazir Income Support Program is the installment of Ehsas Kafal Program. I keep telling you about the various updates that are going on as soon as any news comes. Whatever new update comes from Benazir Income Support Program head office or Tehsil office, District office, Divisional office, as far as resources are available, I share with you all the biggest news.

Benazir Income Support Program

Ehsaas Program,I am still telling you that as a result of the Benazir Income Support Program, the installment of the program has been increased to Rs. 10500 from Rs. 8500 to Rs. 00. So my subscribers will have to get relief from this issue, Mashallah. It must have been cleared that 00 has been done now, when will it come, it has been started from 25th onwards, it was told sometime on 27th, then it was told on 28th, then it was told on 29th, then it was told to Yakam, as of now we don’t know. It’s over and I will share the date with you.

Verification Done 

,Ehsaas Program,there is an installment of ₹ 500. Those who have got the verification done have got it done and those who have not got it done. Of course, he should not get it done now, he has time till 30th June, after 30th June, verification means his verification will be stopped, then his money will not come. Apart from this, this is a red alert for the new entrants also, for them also the last date. It has been announced that there will be no registration after 30th June, first register yourself before 30th June.

Ehsaas Program
Ehsaas Program

Dynamic Registration 

Ehsaas ProgramGet your name written in the registration so that you continue to receive your payment. This is a dynamic registration. After this, how is it arranged, how is it done, these things have to be shared with you people and discussed. What are the things that are checked during their investigation? When you go to the tehsil office of Benazir Income Support Program to get your dynamic registration done, the representative sitting there doing the dynamic registration will ask you 63 questions. Asks 63 questions

PMT Score

After this, the answer to 63 questions is made and it is made from zero to 100, this is your answer to 63 questions, your answer to 63 is made from 100 to 100, from zero to 100, beyond that, your registration. This means that what is being done is currently being done as per the policy of Government of Punjab, Government of Pakistan, Benazir Income Sports Program, Ehsaas Kafa Program, those who have PMT score below 32, their money is given to them.Those who are coming into the account regularly and collecting their installments, those who have been paying their installments for 32 years now, they are not getting any money, that means they are canceled or after their investigation, they are removed from this program, then try. Make sure that whatever questions they ask you, answer them thoughtfully so that you can join this program. After that, the PMT score which is currently running under Aata Scheme is up to 60, which means whatever program comes. This PMT score is based on the chairperson Benazir Income Support Mr. Amjad Saqib Saheb.

Given Payment 

Benazir Income Support Program is the director of Pakistan’s Naveed Akbar Saheb, no matter who it is, neither me nor you, no one can make you target in such a way that such and such woman can be targeted and so and so can be targeted. Yes, this is the thing that your questions. There are answers, according to the meaning of your body, you are given payment accordingly, you can be a regular beneficiary in it, you can be temporary or you can hardly get benefited from it, all these things were there for you people

Government Policy 

Ehsaas Program,The kiss of Rs 10500 is coming between 5th to 8th March. It is coming between 5th to 8th March. Insha Su Inshallah you people will be able to be satisfied with it. After this, if there is any cancellation or any change etc. then with you people. I will definitely share and tell you what things are required for you to join this program and what things are not required. What will start from 10th to 8th March as I have come to know. I told you earlier also that the government policy keeps changing, whether the date extension orThere is a delay which is the latest, according to which your installment will come between 5th to 8th March

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