Big News Ehsaas Programme Increase Paycheck of Women to Rs 13000 Latest Updates 2024

Ehsaas Programme Increase Paycheck 

The Ehsaas Programme in Pakistan has long been committed to furnishing fiscal backing to those in need, particularly women who are  frequently disproportionately affected by poverty and social inequalities. In a recent move, the Ehsaas programme increase paycheck for women heirs to Rs 13,000, marking a significant step towards empowering women and  upping families across the nation. Read: Punjab Ehsaas Rashaan Raiyat Subsidy

Background of the Ehsaas Programme  

Established in 2019 by the Government of Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Ehsaas Programme aims to  palliate poverty, promote social  welfare, and  give a safety net for vulnerable  parts of society. Through colorful enterprise and interventions, it strives to ensure that no bone is left before in the trip towards socio economic development.   

Ehsaas Program Significance of Adding Paycheck for Women  

Women constitute a substantial portion of the population living below the poverty line in Pakistan. By  adding the paycheck to Rs 13,000, the Ehsaas Programme recognizes the critical  part women play in  ménage  husbandry and acknowledges their right to  fiscal independence. This proliferation not only provides important-  demanded  profitable relief but also empowers women to make informed opinions regarding their well- being and that of their families. Read: Free Rashaan From JDC Foundation 

Ehsaas Programme Increase Paycheck
Ehsaas Programme Increase Paycheck

Table: Eligibility Criteria Ehsaas Programme Increase Paycheck 

Eligibility Criteria Description
Women Applicants must identify as women to be eligible for the increased stipend.
Below the Poverty Line Individuals or households falling below the poverty line, as defined by the Ehsaas Programme, qualify.
Marginalized Communities Those belonging to marginalized communities, including rural populations and minorities, are eligible.
National Identity Card (CNIC) Applicants must possess a valid Pakistani national identity card (CNIC) for verification purposes.
Proof of Income Submission of documents demonstrating low or no income is required to establish financial need.
Household Details Applicants may need to provide details about their household composition and socioeconomic status.
Compliance with Program Guidelines Compliance with any additional guidelines or requirements set forth by the Ehsaas Programme is necessary.

How to Apply for the Increase Paycheck Ehsaas Programme 

How to Apply for the Increased paycheck under the Ehsaas Programme   

Online Application 

  • The Ehsaas Programme offers an online  operation gate where eligible individuals can apply for fiscal backing. Visit the sanctioned Ehsaas website and navigate to the section  devoted to paycheck operations.   


  • If you’re a first- time aspirant, you’ll need to register on the portal by furnishing  introductory information similar to your name, contact details, and ménage details. Make sure to give accurate information to expedite the operation process.   

Document Submission 

  • After enrollment , you’ll be  needed to submit supporting documents to corroborate your eligibility. These documents may include your  public identity card( CNIC), evidence of income, ménage details, and any other applicable documents specified by the program authorities.   

Application Review 

  • Once you have submitted your operation and documents, the program  directors will review your case to determine your eligibility for the increased paycheck. This process may take some time, so be patient and check the status of your  operation regularly. Read: Wi-Fi Pilot Program 

Notification of Approval 

  • If your operation is approved, you’ll receive an announcement attesting your eligibility for the increased paycheck. This announcement may be transferred via dispatch, SMS, or through the online gate, depending on the communication preferences you specified during enrollment .   

Disbursement of Stipend 

  • Upon blessing, the paycheck quantum will be expended through a designated payment  system. This could include direct bank transfer, mobile plutocrat transfer, or any other mode of payment specified by the program authorities.   

Final Steps: Ehsaas Programme Increase Paycheck

  • Once you have successfully applied for and  entered a blessing for the increased  paycheck under the Ehsaas Programme, it’s essential to manage your finances wisely. Use the  paycheck to meet your  introductory  requirements, access healthcare services, and invest in education and skill development  openings for yourself and your family members.   

Impact on Women and Families  

The increase in paycheck will have a ripple effect on the lives of women heirs and their families. It’ll enable them to meet their  introductory requirements, access healthcare, and invest in education,  therefore breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Also, it’ll foster a sense of quality and commission among women, allowing them to  laboriously  share in  profitable conditioning and contribute to the overall development of society.   

Table: Comparison of Former and Revised Stipend   


Category Previous Stipend Revised Stipend
Women Rs 10,000 Rs 13,000
Elderly Rs 2,000 Rs 3,000
Persons with Disabilities Rs 2,000 Rs 3,000

Final Thought 

The decision to increase the paycheck for women heirs under the Ehsaas Programme reflects the government’s commitment to gender  equivalency and social justice. By investing in women’s  profitable  commission, Pakistan not only fulfills its  transnational  scores but also paves the way for sustainable development and inclusive growth. It’s imperative to continue supporting  enterprises like Ehsaas to produce a  further  indifferent and prosperous society for all. Read: Mobile Utility Stores 


  1. Who’s eligible to admit the increased  paycheck?

Women who are registered heirs under the Ehsaas Programme are eligible to receive the revised paycheck of Rs 13,000.   

  1. How will the increased paycheck be  expended?

The paycheck will be expended through a transparent and responsible medium,  icing that it reaches the willed heirs without any detainments or disagreement.   

  1. Will the increase in paycheck have any impact on the budget of the Ehsaas Programme?

While the increase in paycheck may lead to a slight  adaptation in the budget allocation for the Ehsaas Programme, the government remains committed to prioritizing social  welfare and poverty relief enterprise.   

  1. What measures are in place to help abuse of the paycheck?  

The Ehsaas Programme employs strict monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to  help abuse of finances and insure that the  paycheck is employed for its willed purpose, i.e., perfecting the livelihoods of heirs.   

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