Good News BISP New Payment 2024 First Installment Announced Today

First Installment Announced 

Benazir Income Support Farm and His Farm, so after all the wait of all the people has ended, now the wait is over, the amount of ₹ 10 500 has started to be received. If you too have not recovered the amount of Rs 0500, then what do you have to do? How can you recover it? Has the children’s stipend already arrived with Rs 10500 or has the children’s stipend not come, then when will you have to go to collect it and also those who have received the new amount? Survey has been conducted and now these are the people who have received First Installment Announced of Rs 8500 from July to October.

Recover Their Amount 

Also, can you go and get your Qist removed? You will see the complete details.This is from the government of Pakistan.Qist of 10500 ₹1 was started from yesterday itself in entire Pakistan. Which has been officially started yesterday, a large number of women have recovered their amount of ₹ 10,500 and still there are a large number of people who have to recover their amount of ₹ 10,500, but this is also a big question. People who want to check Rs 10500 can also tell you how they can check.

First Installment Announced 
First Installment Announced

Giving Our Money

But let us clarify whether all the people who have Rs 10500 will get the stipend for their children or not, because all the prostitutes who are sitting there, when they go to take money from them, then the situation is such that they get into trouble with them. We also feel that you are not giving our money in full, our children’s money has also arrived, this is our installment of Rs 10500, along with it the children’s stipend has also come, so if we are given the children’s stipend also, then whoever is sitting there Representatives are worried, that’s why whenever women go to get their Qist, first

Government of Pakistan

If they should understand this, then you should keep clearing it from the Government of Pakistan. All the people who had recovered their Qist of Rs. 8500 from July to October, after that the payment of Rs. 1005 will be deposited in their account. The settlement has been done, most of the people have also recovered the amount on Friday. Now on Monday, the Majid people can also go and get their case resolved, whereas the children’s stipend which is yours has not been deposited in your account. Installments will be sent to your account in the month of March also, so you need not worry.

First Installment

No, if you want to get it checked, then take your original identity card with you to Bensi Income Sport Gram’s retailer shop in your city to get the device support so that you too do not face any problem there and you will get the same immediately. If payment is received, it is necessary that only those people who had received the first installment of Rs. 8500 should go. If everyone else does not go then only those people should go to get their Qist

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