Good News Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme Registration Process In 2024

Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme

In a society where the seniors frequently face challenges in penetrating  introductory musts and healthcare,  enterprises like the Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme stand as pillars of support. This comprehensive companion aims to interpret the enrollment process for this scheme, designed to give fiscal  backing and healthcare services to elderly citizens aged 65 and over in Pakistan. 65 Years Old Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme Registration Process. Read: BISP New Dynamic Survey

The Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme   

Launched as part of the broader Ehsaas Program by the Government of Pakistan, the Bahimat Buzurg Scheme specifically targets the welfare of elderly citizens. It aims to alleviate poverty among the  seniors by furnishing them with a yearly  paycheck, along with access to healthcare  installations.   

Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme
Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme

Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme Eligibility Criteria   

To qualify for the Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme,  individuals must meet the following criteria: 

  • Age: Aspirants must be 65 or aged.  
  • Financial Need: They should belong to homes distributed as meritorious under the Ehsaas Poverty Alleviation Program.  
  • No Other Pension: Senior citizens who are formally entering any other government pension aren’t eligible for this scheme.  Read: Punjab Bike Verification Start

Registration Process for the Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme  

The 65 Years Old Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg registration process for the Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme involves several  ways.   

  1. Online Registration: Eligible individuals can visit the sanctioned Ehsaas website and fill out the online enrollment  form. They need to give accurate particular and  fiscal information during the enrollment  process.  
  2. Verification: Once the online enrollment  is complete, the information handed by the  aspirant undergoes verification by the applicable authorities. This verification process ensures that only eligible  campaigners admit benefits under the scheme.  
  3. Approval: After successful verification, eligible aspirants admit blessing for registration in the scheme. They’re  also included in the list of heirs and come eligible to admit the yearly paycheck and healthcare services.  
  4. Disbursement of Stipend: The paycheck quantum is expended to the heirs through a designated payment medium,  similar to bank accounts or mobile holdalls . This ensures translucency and responsibility in the distribution of  finances.  Read: Relief Package 5566

Benefits of the Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme   

The Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme offers multitudinous benefits to elderly citizens, including:   

  • Fiscal Support: The yearly paycheck handed under the scheme helps senior  individualities meet their introductory  requirements and ameliorate their quality of life.  
  • Access to Healthcare: Heirs of the scheme have access to free or subsidized healthcare services, including medical treatment and drugs.  
  • Social Security: The scheme promotes social security and addition by icing that elderly citizens admit acceptable support from the government.  

Final Thought  

The Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme represents a significant step towards addressing the  requirements of the senior population in Pakistan. By furnishing fiscal  backing and healthcare services, the scheme not only improves the lives of  elderly citizens but also contributes to the overall welfare and development of society.   Read: Requirement Documents for New Registration  


Q Can elderly citizens who are formerly  entering a pension from the government apply for the Bahimat Buzurg Scheme?  

  • No,  individuals who are formally entering any other government pension aren’t eligible for the Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme.   

Q How frequently is the paycheck  expended to heirs?  

  • The paycheck is expended on a yearly basis to eligible heirs through designated payment mechanisms.   

Q Is there any age limit for aspirants to qualify for the scheme?  

  • Yes,  individuals must be 65 times or older to qualify for the Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme.   

Q How can I check the status of my  operation?  

  • Aspirants can check the status of their operation through the sanctioned Ehsaas website or by reaching the helpline handed by the authorities.   

Q Are there any documents needed for the enrollment process?  

  • Yes, aspirants need to give certain documents, including evidence of age, identity, and fiscal status, during the enrollment process.   Read: Ehsaas Bahimat Program


In conclusion, the Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Scheme plays a pivotal part in supporting the senior population of Pakistan by  furnishing them with fiscal backing and healthcare services. By simplifying the enrollment process and icing transparent disbursement of finances, the scheme aims to enhance the well- being and  quality of elderly citizens across the country.

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