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How to Register for BISP 

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) continues to prolong its assist to prone households via quite a number initiatives. One such initiative is the dynamic survey aimed at figuring out eligible households for assistance. If you’re searching to register for the BISP 10500 Dynamic Survey for April to June, here’s a complete information to assist you via the process.

Necessary Instructions Before BISP Survey Registration

Before initiating the registration process, it’s crucial to make sure you have obtained a message or letter from the Benazir Income Support Programme on the exact date by means of the Government of Pakistan. Once you’ve obtained the communication:

Visit the Registration Center: Head to the Benazir Income Support Program Tehsil Office. Even households who haven’t beforehand been section of the survey can participate. Ensure to carry alongside the children’s Nadra B shape with you.

Registration is currently happening at Benazir Registration Desks located at the tehsil level. You can visit a desk with your CNIC (computerized national identity card) and get registered if you weren’t included in previous surveys or need to update your information. They will prioritize pregnant women, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

Dynamic Registration at BISP Office April to June

Present Your ID Card: Upon arrival, current your ID card to the body of workers at the registration desk.

Proceed to the Desk: Visit the distinctive desk for registration. BISP Online Survey For Registration

Queue According to Token Number: Join the queue in the registration room as per your assigned token number.

Provide Forms for Children: If applicable, grant fundamental types for teens in your household.

Socio-economic Survey: A information entry operator will aid you in filling out socio-economic survey forms.

Answer Informative Questions: Expect to reply informative questions associated to your household’s demographics and economic status.

Receive New or Updated Survey Tokens: Following completion of the form, the group of workers will difficulty you a new survey token or replace the current one.

Verification and Affidavit: Your varieties will be verified, and you may additionally be required to thumbprint an affidavit.

Confirmation Message: Upon profitable completion, anticipate to get hold of a affirmation message from 8171.

Benefits of Participating in BISP 10500 Dynamic Survey

Participating in the BISP 10500 Dynamic Survey opens doorways to a myriad of benefits, including:

Access to economic help programs

Inclusion in ability improvement initiatives

Priority get admission to to healthcare facilities

Opportunities for training and vocational training

By registering for this survey, you now not solely impenetrable your family’s well-being however additionally make a contribution to the large aim of constructing a extra equitable society.

How to Register for BISP 
How to Register for BISP


  1. Is the BISP 10500 Dynamic Survey obligatory for all households?

No, participation in the survey is voluntary. However, registering for it enhances your eligibility for a number social safety programs.

  1. How lengthy does the registration procedure take?

The period varies relying on the verification process. Typically, it takes a few weeks to entire the registration formalities.

  1. Can I replace my facts after submitting the application?

Yes, you can replace your facts through logging into your account on the BISP portal and making the critical changes.

  1. Are there any expenses related with registering for the survey?

No, the registration procedure is free of cost. Beware of any fraudulent schemes claiming otherwise.

  1. How regularly does the BISP 10500 Dynamic Survey take place?

The survey is performed periodically to make sure the records stays updated and reflective of the modern socio-economic landscape.

What archives do I need to carry for BISP Dynamic Survey registration?

You’ll want to carry your ID card alongside with the Nadra B shape for children, as specified.

Can I register on line for the dynamic survey?

Currently, registration for the dynamic survey is performed in character at precise BISP Tehsil offices.


Registering for the BISP 10500 Dynamic Survey from April to June is a easy system that starts with making sure you have acquired verbal exchange from the Benazir Income Support Programme. By following the outlined steps and making ready the quintessential documents, you can efficaciously sign up and probably advantage from the help furnished by way of the program.


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