Big News Steps for Acquiring a Computerized National Identity Card

Identity Card 

If you are going to get your identity card made for the first time in 2024, First of all, friends, you should note one thing if you are making your identity card for the first time in 2024. If you want, you need a few documents, number one, friends.If you have a birth certificate issued by your Union Counselor, then you can apply for your Nakti Card. If you do not have a birth certificate issued by your Union Counselor and apart from this, you have the certificate of Matriculation. You can also apply for your Nakti Card on the basis of Matriculation certificate. Either you should have a birth certificate or you should have a Matriculation certificate. You should have one of these two things, it is okay. Having a blood relative next to you after friends

Shanakhti Card

It is necessary that it may be your brother, it may be your sister, it may be your father, it may be your mother or if none of these are there then it is necessary to have some uncle or maternal uncle with you. Okay, so these are the two basic conditions of Nadra. It has been said that if you want to apply for your Shanakhti card in 2024, then it is necessary for you to fulfill these two conditions. Okay, after this friends, the person who will go with you, your blood relative, your father or mother’s brother, anyone of his/her It is important to have the Shanakhti card of your caste. Okay, so take care of all these things.

Identity Card 
Identity Card

Process Start

And the main thing is that if your age is 18 years then you can apply for your Shanakhti card. If your age is less than 18 years then your Shanakhti card cannot be made. Okay, so all these are the requirements. After you complete this, you have to go to your nearest Nadra office. After going there, friends, a process starts for you. You have to take a token. After taking the token, you have to wait for your turn. When your turn comes, you will You will be called above the counter, after this a picture of the person whose Shakti card is to be made will be taken.

Official Website of Nadra

There are some fees, I will tell you the details of the fees. You will have to carry this fee with you. Okay, now here the official website of Nadra is open in front of me, friends, you can see here for the first time, there are two types of Shanakhti cards. There is a simple Shanakhti card which can be made, the picture of which you can see on the top of your screen, this Shanakhti card will be made and given to you absolutely free, there is no fee for it, okay no, there is no fee for it, simple. Whatever it is, you have to tell them. Yes, I want to make my plain name card, okay second.

Smart NIC

The option you have is that you can make a new smart NIC, this is a smart NIC, on top of it a SIM type thing is built, you can see it on your screen, this is called smart CNC. So for this, if you want to apply, if you apply normally then you have to pay ₹ 7750, if you apply urgently, then you have to pay ₹ 1500000. If you take executing service, then you have to pay ₹ 2500000 Joe Banda Your blood relative must have come with you, his Shanakhti card will also be checked.

NADRA Office

He will also submit his details etc. then after completing all the requirements, you will be given a receipt. When all your processing is done from NADRA office and your application will be submitted, then you will be given a receipt. Okay, so this is You have to keep the receipt you have with you, when your Shanakhti card is made, if you have to come to Nadra office, then you have to show them this receipt. Okay, so as soon as you show them the receipt, that Shanakhti card will be given to you. If we will give you then this is the complete process to get your Shanakhti card made, if you want to get your Shanakhti card made online.If you want, then this option is also available with you. You can download Nadra’s Pak Identity Application from the Play Store and you can also apply by going above it, if you do not know how to use the Pak Identity Application so much. If you cannot use it, then the other option is to go to your nearest Nadra office, after going there you can apply for the Shanakhti card. 

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