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Income Support Programme

Income Support Programme,A Base is formally launching its Complaint Management System from Tawun of NTC.we are going to talk about Here is a new and big news about Benazir Income Support Program. The news is that the people of BISP Benazir Income Support Program have opened an official branch of their call center where calls and complaints of BSP will be collected. 

Complaint Will Be Registered 

Any of your be complainingWhatever may be your complaint, all the complaints will be registered here with the help of BSP. The call center will pick up your call and whatever complaint you will get, your complaint will be registered here. For example, there is a problem that when you people pay Rs. 10500, which is called Previous The ₹ 500 that many households have received, on this ₹ 10500,000 were deducted from many households by the device owners, it must have happened to many households from many households that the device owners must have deducted ₹1000 from them. In reality, this 0500 You had to collect this money in full. You had to collect it in full. There was no deduction on it. 0500 You had to collect it in full.

Income Support Programme
Income Support Programme

BISP People

Had to recover the amount and along with it the receipt also had to be collected from the device people. If you people have made a deduction on ₹ 0500 then it is illegal. This time there was no deduction on ₹ 10 500. This was done by the BISP people. It is mentioned on its official website that if the deduction is being made, then in case of deduction, you have to contact the BSP call center and complain about the device owner, surely your complaint will be implemented or you have some other issue like Either you are not eligible as per BISP or you are waiting for SMS or you have to get a new survey done orWe have to get some information from the old survey, any such information or any other complaint has to be lodged and which is the new number of the new call center of BIP and how can we lodge a complaint, 

Call Center of BISP

Many people keep it for us, so let’s start the video. You will watch the entire video without any hesitation. Yes. Viewers, this number which is being shown on the screen is the number of the new call center of BISP. You can register your complaint by calling this number, as if the device owner has deducted Rs 1000 from your Rs 10500 as a fee, then you can lodge a complaint against him. You can also get relief by filing complaint and if you have any other issue with BSP then you canYou can also complain about it by dialing this number. You can talk to the representatives in any language and in any dialect of Pakistan. You can register your complaint and you just have to dial this number, you have to dial it and whatever comes in the menu, whatever you have to do, you have to keep dialing and talk to the representative. 

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