Good News Maryam Nawaz: CM Punjab Installment Policy and E-Bike Distribution Plan for 2024

Installment Policy and E-Bike Distribution

Electric bikes have emerged as a promising answer to fight environmental air pollution whilst imparting environment friendly and low-cost transportation. In Punjab, the initiative spearheaded through Ms. Maryam Nawaz goals to distribute 25,000 electric powered bikes to college students enrolled in classes. If you are keen to gain from this scheme, well timed registration is crucial. Here’s the entirety you want to understand about registering, Installment Policy and E-Bike Distribution.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the electric powered bike scheme, you need to be a pupil presently enrolled in training in Punjab. Additionally, you want to belong to a low-income household to be eligible for registration.

Registration Venue

Punjab Bank is special as the registration center. Approach a Punjab Bank agent and grant documentation proving your impoverished background. Inform them of your pupil repute to provoke the registration process.

Documentation Required

Be organized to publish all indispensable archives verifying your pupil reputation and monetary need. These may additionally encompass faculty enrollment certificates, earnings statements, and identification documents.

Availability of Bikes

Upon profitable registration and verification of eligibility, you will impenetrable your spot to receive an electric powered bike. The authorities assures that there will be an ample wide variety of bikes handy for distribution.

Electric Bikes

Monthly installments for electric powered bikes are set at 10,000 Rupees. This installment design helps the affordability of electric powered bikes for college students from low-income families.

Petrol Bikes

For these opting for gasoline-powered motorcycles, the month-to-month installment is decreased to 5,000 Rupees. This range in installment plans contains various preferences and monetary capabilities.

Installment Policy and E-Bike Distribution
Installment Policy and E-Bike Distribution

Equal Opportunities

All eligible candidates will acquire equal possibilities in the bike distribution process. The authorities emphasizes transparency and equity in the allocation of bikes.

Distribution Timeline

Distribution is scheduled to start about six months after the draw, slated for May 2024. The utility system will be introduced earlier than Eid al-Fitr, and records will be immediately made on hand as per CM Maryam Nawaz’s directive.


Prime Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s initiative to introduce electric powered bikes for college students marks a sizeable step toward sustainable transportation options in Punjab. With over 20,000 bicycles and e-bikes set for distribution, the authorities underscores its dedication to bettering pupil mobility and decreasing environmental impact.


What’s the month-to-month installment for E-Bikes?

The month-to-month installment for E-Bikes is 10,000 Rupees.

What’s the month-to-month installment for Petrol Bikes?

For electric powered bikes, the month-to-month installment will be 10,000 Rupees, whereas for petrol bikes, it would be 5,000 Rupees.

How can I qualify for the electric powered bike scheme?

To qualify, you should be a scholar enrolled in training in Punjab and belong to a low-income family. Ensure you have the quintessential documentation to show your eligibility at some point of registration.

Is there a restrict to the wide variety of bikes reachable for distribution?

While there is no unique restriction mentioned, the authorities assures that there will be an ample variety of bikes accessible to eligible candidates.

Can I register for the scheme after the registration duration ends?

Unfortunately, once the registration method concludes, persons will no longer be capable to signal up for the scheme. It’s essential to register as quickly as feasible to invulnerable your danger of receiving an electric powered bike.

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