Latest Updates Applying for Kisan Card in Pakistan Eligibility Criteria for 2024

Kisan Card in Pakistan Eligibility

In Pakistan, husbandry plays a vital part in the frugality, furnishing livelihoods for a significant portion of the population. To support growers and enhance agrarian productivity, the government has introduced colorful schemes and  enterprises, one of which is the Kisan Card. This blog post aims to give a comprehensive companion to applying for the Kisan Card in Pakistan eligibility criteria for the time 2024.   Read: Condition for the Ehsaas Program

What’s a Kisan Card?  

The Kisan Card, also known as the Agricultural Smart Card, is a government- issued identification card designed specifically for growers. It serves as a multifunctional tool, furnishing access to  colorful fiscal and agrarian services and  subventions.   

Kisan Card in Pakistan Eligibility
Kisan Card in Pakistan Eligibility

Kisan Card in Pakistan Eligibility Criteria (2024)  

To be eligible for a Kisan Card in Pakistan in 2024, growers must meet certain criteria set forth by the government. Below are the  crucial eligibility conditions.   Read: Ehsaas Program Eligibility System Work

Table: Quick Information

Eligibility Criteria Description
Ownership of Agricultural Land Applicants must own agricultural land, either individually or jointly.
Active Farmer Applicants must be actively engaged in agricultural activities.
Valid Documentation Applicants must provide valid documentation, such as land ownership papers and identity proof.
Minimum Land Requirement There may be a minimum land requirement, typically specified by the issuing authority.

Applying for Kisan Card in Pakistan Eligibility Criteria

The process of applying for a Kisan Card may vary slightly depending on the issuing authority and region. still, the general  way are as follows   

  • Gather Needed Documents: Collect all necessary documents, including land power papers, identity evidence, and any other needed paperwork.  
  • Visit Nearest Agricultural Office: Visit the nearest agrarian office or designated center responsible for issuing Kisan Cards.  
  • Submit Application: Fill out the  operation form and submit it along with the needed documents to the applicable authority.  Read: Withdraw Ehsaas Emergency Cash
  • Verification: The authorities will  corroborate the information handed in the operation and conduct any necessary examinations of the agrarian land.  
  • Issuance of Kisan Card: Upon successful verification, the Kisan Card will be issued to the aspirant.  
  • Activation and Application: Once issued, the planter can spark the Kisan Card and begin exercising its benefits for colorful agrarian and  fiscal services.  Read: Role of Ehsaas for Disabled

Final Thought  

The Kisan Card scheme in Pakistan serves as a precious tool for empowering  growers and enhancing agrarian productivity. By furnishing access to fiscal services,  subventions, and other benefits, the Kisan Card aims to ameliorate the livelihoods of  growers across the country. Still, it’s essential for eligible growers to take advantage of this scheme by  ensuring they meet the necessary criteria and complete the operation process diligently.   Read: NSER Survey in the Ehsaas Program  


Q1 Can tenant growers apply for a Kisan Card?  

  • A1 Generally, tenant growers may not be eligible for a Kisan Card as power of agrarian land is a crucial criterion. Still, specific eligibility conditions may vary by region.   

Q2 Is there a figure for applying for a Kisan Card?  

  • A2 The  operation process for a Kisan Card may involve nominal freights for processing and  allocation, which can vary depending on the issuing authority.   

Q3 What are the benefits of having a Kisan Card?  

  • A3 The Kisan Card provides access to  colorful benefits, including subsidized agrarian inputs, credit installations, insurance schemes, and government  subsidies.   

Q4 Can the Kisan Card be used as collateral for loans?  

  • A4 Yes, in some cases, the Kisan Card can be used as collateral for carrying agrarian loans from fiscal institutions.   

Q5 Is there an expiry date for the Kisan Card?  

  • A5 The validity period of the Kisan Card may vary depending on the issuing authority and the specific terms and conditions of the scheme. It’s essential to check the expiry date mentioned on the card.   Read: Koi Bhooka Na Soye Ehsaas Program 


In conclusion, the Kisan Card scheme in Pakistan is a precious action aimed at supporting growers and promoting agrarian development. By understanding the eligibility criteria and following the  operation process diligently,  growers can  mileage themselves of the benefits offered by the Kisan Card and contribute to the growth of the agrarian sector in the country.

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