Good News Sindh Launches New Kisan Card Program to Empower Farmers

Kisan Card Program

Well coded Punjab, what is the labor of giving subsidy to the farmers, however, to reach it to the farmers and to eliminate the corruption which is done by the middlemen who commit crimes in the world, they have introduced the Kisan Card Program, about which I am I have already made a complete video, the link is available in the description below, watch the video to know about its ideas and its lists. In today’s video, we will talk about a farmer who had registered himself but What is the method for not activating Kisan Card?

Amount of Insurance

There is a car and such Kisan Union, till now you have not registered yourself friend, 9:00 Kisan Card is made, how can they register, is this program possible, then I am with Shilad, according to engineering, you are seeing that this Pakistan Brigade has to be sweetened. Far from this cancer fuel, Kisan Cards are being made illegally in every village and every area in the entire Punjab. The advantage of this situation is that the amount of subsidy under it, which is the subsidy will be available in fertilizers, which means the most. The amount of cash that will be received or the amount of insurance for the animals, all this

Activate Your Account

This will be possible only under this Kisan Card. Under this card, you can buy seeds from the registered dealers in your area and you will be able to avail cheap subsidies at daily low prices. First of all let’s talk about the kind of person who is a victim of such message. So if it is registered with the C office i.e. they have got their data fed online then in such a case they have to activate their card for which they have to go to the nearest branch office of a good Bell Connect, take it calmly and go there and thumb Get the impression thumb verified and activate your account clearly.

Get The Card

Get it done, the one who opens it will be the representative of Bacterial Connect, who will be the representative of the branch, he will take ₹ 500 from you, which will later be credited to your card and this fee will be charged for the application for your Kisan Card and the distribution of the card. For that ₹ 500 will be recovered. After a few days, after some evening, your card will be prepared and printed. An SMS will be sent on your mobile that your Kisan Card has been closed, then after the message is sent, you Maximum you have to go to his office and from there you will get the card.

Get Registered

This is a small problem here that at most a small element of corruption will be present in Tulsi’s office. In the name of tea and water, if instead this Pakistan post was delivered to their homes, it would have been better, but anyway, Macrame blessings. After receiving the message, you have to go to C’s office and get your Kisan Card from there. Now let’s talk about how those who are not registered can get their Kisan Card. So, those who are victims of this should go to the C office. Let me tell you that first you have to enter your data and get registered.

Mobile Number 

This is the maximum, it is okay till then I will go there and take some things with you so that you can register, then what you have to do is to thank Hazrat, first of all go to Raj Record Center which is Maxima, if you want to get your Farz Malik removed. If you want to get the biometric verification done of your thumb, then along with Shraddha Malakiyat, you have to bring your bearing identification card and your mobile number which is activated on which messages can be sent, these three things have to be taken with you and maximum you have to do it in Zara’s office. I have to submit an application so that I can be registered. There is an online website.

Kisan Card Program
Kisan Card Program

Area of Punjab

In a simple way, your photo will be visible in it. Some basic information was known that the thing is installed and you will be registered. After that, after registering your Kisan Card, now go to Apple Connect and do the same process which I mentioned earlier, then the Kisan Card will come to you wearing it. There is one or two problems here which I will share with you as far as possible that if the price is not there in the area of your area but and I know that according to you it is 90 percent of the area of Punjab, it has been tweeted but If your area is not computerized then in such case the amount record will be done centrally.

Registration Will Be Done

They will say that if your son is not there in Thomas, then in such a case, you have to take a certificate from your in-charge for the new record, you will write as much as you can, it is okay, this is your land, its records have not been computerized yet, so you have to take the certificate for that certificate. You will go to the Patwari of the area, from there you will get your uniform, have it made and you will take the Gaddafi document along with the mobile number, the farmer class ownership, which was given in the certificate and land record, to the macrame office tonight, so their registration will be done. Will be done and finally one more issue that if your name

Identification Card Number

But you don’t have land but you work on contract basis or someone else’s land, if you click on it then it is a crime to have a Kisan Card. If it is not there, then no, it is not at all like that. You are also a farmer if you do not have your own area. Still, you can take Kisan Card. For such crimes, the condition is that the person who has inspected the land on contract and has given advance that we have got this land alarm is closed but we will cost it, then take a copy of the time. Maximum, we will come and see the picture which is required to be there on the agreement in Tulsi’s office andThe first thing I need to know is the name of the owner of the land and his identification card number. Compensation for land is required.

Application For Improvement

What is the Murabba number, in which tehsil is it present and along with it, the person who is taking the land on contract i.e. the application for improvement, his name, Unnati’s number, all these things should be kept in detail like the picture and the land of both of them has to be given. The picture of the giver and taker of ghee, name, powers, number should be there on this agreement, then a copy of the issue and loan of land, copy of atheist card, if you come to the office of the strong with all these things, then you will get the way.If it is taken then in this way castekar farmers can get their macrame registered from tonight’s office and can go to HDL Connect office and get their Kisan Card made by paying ₹ 500 and can enjoy subsidy. Pakistan Method It is more to the taste of Engineer Malik. Give Allah Hafiz Pakistan Punjab

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