Matric Result 2024 – Check Online With Roll Number

Matric Result 2024 – Check Online With Roll Number


The anticipation is palpable as the Matric Result 2024 is set to be announced. This result is a significant milestone for students across Punjab, marking the culmination of their hard work and dedication over the past year.

Announcement Details

The Matric Result 2024 will be unveiled on Tuesday, July 9th at 10:00 AM. Each Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Punjab will host a formal declaration ceremony at their respective headquarters, where the top achievers will be honored with certificates and shields.

Check Result Online

How to Check Matric Result 2024

Online Methods

Students can easily check their results online by visiting their respective board’s official website. By entering their roll number and other required details, they can view their scorecard. Here are the websites for each board:

  • Bahawalpur:
  • D.G. Khan:
  • Faisalabad:
  • Gujranwala:
  • Lahore:
  • Multan:
  • Rawalpindi:
  • Sahiwal:
  • Sargodha:

Using Mobile Phone

For those without internet access, results can be obtained via SMS. Students should send their roll number and the specific board code for their district to the designated number. The board codes are:

  • Bahawalpur: 800298
  • D.G. Khan: 800295
  • Faisalabad: 800240
  • Gujranwala: 800299
  • Lahore: 800291
  • Multan: 800293
  • Rawalpindi: 800296
  • Sahiwal: 800292
  • Sargodha: 800290

Results Gazettes

Another method is through the official results gazettes. These documents are released by all BISEs shortly after the announcement. They provide a comprehensive listing of student performances and can be accessed at respective board offices or educational institutions.

Chack Result by Name

Importance of Matric Results

Matriculation marks a crucial phase in a student’s academic journey. The results influence future educational opportunities and career paths, making it essential for students to know the various ways to access their scores.

Role of Punjab Boards in Education

The Punjab Boards are responsible for conducting examinations and awarding degrees for Secondary School (SSC) and Higher Secondary School (HSSC) education. There are nine boards, each covering different districts in Punjab, ensuring a standardized education system across the province.

Top Achievers and Their Recognition

Students who excel in their exams are recognized for their hard work. Top achievers across all boards receive certificates and shields from distinguished guests during the official results announcement ceremonies.

Steps to Take After Receiving Results

Once students receive their results, they should immediately verify the details and plan their next steps. This might include applying for higher secondary education, exploring vocational training opportunities, or considering various career paths.

Common Issues and Solutions

Sometimes, students might face issues accessing their results online or via SMS. It’s important to ensure that the roll number entered is accurate and that the correct board code is used. In case of persistent problems, students can contact their respective board’s helpline for assistance.

Importance of Accurate Roll Numbers

To ensure the results are accurate and timely, students must double-check their roll numbers before entering them on the official websites or sending them via SMS. This prevents any errors or delays in accessing their scores.

Future Prospects for Matric Students

After matriculation, students have various pathways available, including further education in intermediate colleges, vocational training, or entering the workforce. Each option offers unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.


In conclusion, the Matric Result 2024 is a significant event for students across Punjab. With multiple ways to check the results, including online platforms, SMS, and official gazettes, students can promptly access their scores. This milestone opens up numerous opportunities for their future academic and career endeavors.


How can I check my matric result online?

You can check your matric result online by visiting the official website of your respective BISE and entering your roll number along with other required details.

What should I do if I can’t access my result online?

If you cannot access your result online, you can try using the SMS service by sending your roll number and board code to the designated number. Alternatively, you can refer to the official results gazette.

Are there any charges for checking the result via SMS?

Yes, there might be standard messaging charges for checking your result via SMS. It is advisable to check with your mobile service provider for specific rates.

How do I get a copy of the results gazette?

The results gazette is available at your respective board’s office and various educational institutions. You can visit these locations to get a copy.

What are the next steps after receiving my matric result?

After receiving your matric result, you should verify the details and consider your options for further education or career paths. Planning your next steps early can help you make informed decisions about your future.

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