Good News Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2024 Now Registration

Nashonuma Program 

Nashonuma Program, today I will share with you some information about Benazir Program, how is the registration done in it and what is this program because many people do not know about this program. What is it about, that is, what benefits can we get through this program, so first of all let me clear your question that what is this program about, then what is this program, it is a program of Gajaiyat, Hamla Khawateen. For and those who are small children below 2 years of age, Gajaiyat is wrong

Food Program

Then what is there for them is a food program and along with the ongoing food of this program, money is also given on the basic basis, so if you join it, then you will continue to get money on the basic basis and the children. You will keep getting more people for this so that your children can come back from whatever weakness they have, so I am going to tell you how you can register in this.First of all let me tell you this.

Hifazat City 

Nashonuma Program, I would like to know what documents are necessary for you to join this program, so first of all, if someone has three assaults, then it is important for them to have a city card like the one they get from Hifazat City and They are given a card in which the date is written that they have been vaccinated, now they are afraid that they will get the second vaccine, so that card is important for them to have with them, then it will become a part of the Bhojpuri program and if there is any attack for any reason. If they have not already had a child and that child is less than two years of age, then it is important for them to

Nashonuma Program 
Nashonuma Program

Result of Benazir

Nashonuma Program. If he has a fan city card and along with that, he also has the full responsibility of having a child, if he is not unfaithful then he cannot participate in the program and if we talk about Elliot’s Maya Bade in this program, then only that news is three. Shakti is included in the program who is taking money under the program as a result of Benazir. Okay, in the whole of Pakistan, only those Khabar Three who are taking money from Benazir Income Support Program can join and at present, due to emergency, only those This Chhath has been given in the district where there has been flood.

Benazir Income Support Program

Benazir’s fault is that people do not get money from the program, they can also join it, but only in flood affected areas, it is ok. If there is no flood in the areas, then only the beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Program should be included there. If there is power, then it is ok. Now if you understand that you are eligible for this program and you have this First City Co card and are also loyal etc. then now let us talk about registration in this program and how you can register in it. You can get it done by the government in every district across Pakistan.

Vein Centers

Benazir Vein Program centers have been set up in every government hospital in seven tehsils and every Khabar three who consider themselves entitled to this program can go to the government hospital in their tehsil, Jain at the vein center and Jain at the vein center there. Please tell them whether I am Hamla or whether I have small children, whether it is a boy, if it is below 2 years of age, then they will have to get their registration done there, those who are unfaithful to them, etc. The card for Lake and City is for Lake and Rafta. Will take a mobile number and put it in Indira ji program and

Given an Amount

Then they will continue to get the money that they have on every sensible basis, it will come to the wife’s account and she will be able to get her money widowed through the device of SBL Connect and if we talk about the amount that will be given to her, then if it is attacked then So they will be given an amount of ₹ 1500 to ₹ 2000 on the basis of service itself and if they have a boy of less than 2 years of age, then they will also be given ₹ 1500 to ₹ 2000 and if they have a girl of less than 2 years of age, then they will be given They will be given an amount of Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 and along with that they will also be given some packages of vitamins.So that they can feed the children and the children can recover from their weakness.

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