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NAVTTC Online Skills Programs 

In a period where digital skills are consummate for career success the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission( NAVTTC) has surfaced as a  lamp of occasion for individuals seeking to enhance their online programs. In this comprehensive companion, we claw into NAVTTC online skills programs, furnishing a total list, perceptivity into their immolations, and answering constantly asked questions to help you make informed opinions about your educational trip. Read: TEVTA Diploma Courses List 

Introduction to NAVTTC Online Skills Programs  

The NAVTTC, a governmental body in Pakistan, aims to ameliorate the quality and applicability of specialized education and vocational training. Through its online platform, NAVTTC offers a different range of skill development programs  acclimatized to meet the demands of the contemporary job  request.   

Table: NAVTTC Online Program List 2024


Category Program Name
Information Technology 1. Web Development
2. Graphic Design
3. Data Science
4. Cybersecurity
5. Digital Marketing
Health Sciences 1. Medical Transcription
2. Nursing Assistant
3. Pharmacy Technician
4. Medical Billing and Coding
5. Health Information Management
Construction 1. Carpentry
2. Plumbing
3. Electrical Installation
4. Masonry
5. HVAC Installation and Repair
Business Management 1. Entrepreneurship
2. Project Management
3. Human Resource Management
4. Supply Chain Management
5. Accounting and Bookkeeping
Language and Literature 1. English Language Proficiency
2. Creative Writing
3. Translation and Interpretation
4. Linguistics
5. Literature Analysis


Applying for NAVTTC Program Online  

Visit NAVTTC’s Official Website  

  • Access the NAVTTC website through your preferred web cybersurfer. Navigate to the section devoted to verification services.   

Select Verification Option  

  • Look for the option specifically designated for verification of  instruments or warrants. Click on this option to do the verification process.   
NAVTTC Online Skills Programs
NAVTTC Online Skills Programs

Fill in candidate Details  

  • On the verification runner, you’ll be  urged to fill in details about the seeker whose credentials you wish to corroborate. give accurate information similar as the seeker’s full name, roll number( if applicable), and any other  needed identification details.   

Enter Institute Information  

  • Input the name of the vocational or specialized institute that issued the  instrument or parchment you want to  corroborate. ensure that you spell the institute’s name rightly to avoid any  disagreement during the verification process. Read: Mehkma Taleem (Education)

Submit Verification Request  

  • Once you have entered all the necessary information directly,  do to submit your verification request. Double- check the details you have handed to ensure delicacy before submitting.   

Wait for Verification Outcome  

  • After submitting the verification request, the NAVTTC system will reuse the information  handed. The verification outgrowth will be displayed on the screen within moments. Be patient during this process, as it may take many moments to complete.   

Review Verification Result  

  • Once the verification process is complete, you’ll admit an instant verification outgrowth on the screen. Review the result precisely to confirm the authenticity of the  seeker’s credentials.   

Save or Print Verification Report  

  • Still, you can save or publish the verification report for your records, If  demanded. This may be necessary for sanctioned purposes or attestation. Read: BISP Eligibility Check 

Follow Up if Necessary  

  • Still, NAVTTC provides contact information for further backing, If you encounter any issues or disagreement during the verification process. Feel free to reach out to NAVTTC’s support platoon for explanation or resolution of any enterprises.   

Record Verification Outcome  

  • Make sure to record the verification  outgrowth for future reference. This information may be needed for employment, educational, or executive purposes.

Benefits into NAVTTC Offerings  

NAVTTC online skills programs offer several benefits   

  • Flexibility: These programs allow learners to study at their own pace, making them suitable for individualities with busy schedules or those balancing work and study commitments.   
  • Availability: As the programs are delivered online, learners can pierce course accouterments from anywhere with an internet connection, barring geographical  walls.   
  • Affordability: NAVTTC’s online programs are frequently more cost-effective than traditional forms of education, making them accessible to a wider followership.   
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The class is designed in discussion with assiduity experts,  icing that learners acquire chops that are in demand in the job request. Read: BISP 7000

Final Thought  

NAVTTC’s online chops programs represent a gateway to a brighter future for  individuals seeking to enhance their employability and advance their careers. Whether you aspire to  excel in the field of information technology, healthcare, construction, business  operation, or language and literature, NAVTTC has a program acclimatized to meet your  requirements.   


Q Are NAVTTC’s online programs  honored by employers?  

Yes, NAVTTC collaborates with assiduity  mates to ensure that its programs align with assiduity norms, enhancing their recognition and applicability in the job  request.   


Q How long do NAVTTC’s online programs  generally take to complete?  

The duration of each program varies depending on factors  similar to the  position of  moxie needed and the learner’s pace of study. Still, utmost programs can be completed within many months to a time.   


Q Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in NAVTTC’s online programs?  

Prerequisites vary depending on the program. Some programs may have specific educational conditions or prerequisites, while others may be open to  individualities from different backgrounds. Read: Ehsaas Labour Program 


Q Can I admit  fiscal aid or  literacy for NAVTTC’s online programs?  

NAVTTC offers  colorful  literacy and  fiscal  backing programs to eligible  campaigners. Interested individuals are encouraged to explore the available options on NAVTTC’s  sanctioned website or communicate with their original NAVTTC office for  further information.   


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