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New Beneficiaries

Are those people who were under investigation or were not able to be a part of this program due to some issue or the other? People have already joined this program. Surely various questions regarding this intention will be in your mind and especially with the mention of new Beneficiaries installments, you will be worried as to when will the new Beneficiaries installments come. Payments have come in many accounts. Some people are receiving Some people still have this in their accounts.If there are no installments, then when will the payments come to the accounts of all the people, the answer to this question will also be given to you in this video. Along with this, we will also tell you that all the people who have got the dynamic survey done and you are worried about their If the money has stopped, then do they have any other option, after implementing which, they may not be eligible from this program, if they remain eligible, then this is also an important method.

Dynamic Survey 

so that in the coming time, you will get important and latest information related to various Imdadi programs.Due to the people who are worried because of the dynamic survey, some people did not get the dynamic survey done and on the grounds that if we get the dynamic survey done then we will be removed from this program, so this is the important update for all such people. That if you do not get a dynamic survey done then still 30

PMT Score 

You will not get any installment after June 2024, which means the installment which is going to be released now will be your last installment. Let us also share with you the important update here that many people have got the dynamic survey done but now the development has been collected. The web portal is telling them that you have been shortlisted, so is there any option for those people too? So let us tell you in this context that yes, if you have been shortlisted after getting the dynamic survey done, your PMT score has increased. If yes, then you can appeal once, go to the nearest BISP office and submit your appeal and after that appeal

New Beneficiaries
New Beneficiaries

Visit The Office 

It will be seen whether you are Ahal or not and then it will be confirmed. If the appeal is also rejected then you will not be given a chance to register in this program for 2 years and you will have to visit the office again and again. There will be no need, similarly let us tell you that the utility is telling about all the people whose dynamic survey has been done or those who have not yet needed to get the dynamic survey done and their status on the Kash Katra web portal. He is eligible for the store also and has been registered in the dynamic registry for the Kafa program.

Benazir Income Support Program

If that is the case then the PMT score of all such people is less than 32 and the installments of all such people will not be stopped. Remember that this time it has been decided to release the installments for the regular beneficiaries of Benazir Kafa Program in two phases. Transfer of payments has already started in the accounts of all the beneficiaries of the first Marhala and the rest of the second Marhala is going to start after May 25, i.e. immediately after May 25, if you join the second Marhala. If so, your payments will also start coming. Remember that this time Benazir Income Support Program

Himmat Card

All the installments of this will be released from the camp site itself and it is also mandatory for all those people who are not getting the dynamic survey done, to get their dynamic survey done before 30th June 2024. If not, then Even before this we have mentioned that they will be disqualified and they will not be given a chance to register in this program for 2 years. Along with this, let us also tell you that the government has decided to issue Himmat Card. A scheme has been made under which special assistance will be provided to the laborers. 2000 donations will be made every month.

Payments Of BISP

If we go, for the registration of this Himmat Card, registration has also been started on the website of Betul Mall and on a new Beneficiaries portal, but the registration of many such laborers is taking place who are registered laborers who also have the labor certificate. Here, with reference to checking the payments of BISP, let us tell you that you can also get your payments checked by going to the camp site. I wish you can check your payments very easily through the web portal also because the areas which were earlier covered under Marhala. Payment details of all their beneficiaries have been included.The Vikash Gatra web portal has been updated and if you are in the second Marhala, then after May 25, if you are in the first Marhala, then from now onwards you can check your payments from the Vikash Gatra web portal. 

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