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Nighiban Card Program 12000 :

Nighiban Card Program 12000 Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has started out out three new programs, the first is the Nigehbaan card program. In addition to the self sustaining program, these days I will inform you how we can register on line in the impartial program, what to do and how to register online. What things will be required and the 1/3 e-bike software program has been commenced by means of the use of Maryam Nawaz. The e-bike utility will be given to you in this program, so how can you register in this program? We will inform you.

Khud Mukhtar application :

First of all, we will communicate about how you can register your self in the independent software program and who are the people who will be covered in it. Yes, I am telling you that these who are beneficial, these who take the money from the Benazir Income Support Program, are the entirely ones who are blanketed in the impartial program. Now amongst them, they have set an age Nighiban Card Program 12000, the personnel of this age can be a section of the Nighiban Card Program 12000 program.


Nighiban Card Program 12000


if their age is tons much less or larger than that, then they can not be a section of this program. If you choose to be a phase of this program, your age have to be between 18 years to 36 years and all the women who take the money from the Bezaar Income Support Program can comply with in this program. I inform you that their husbands will make it a business, these ladies who are widows will make it their very very own business, truely like every body will open a preserve etc. for this enterprise Nighiban Card Program 12000.

They will have to exercise for the money that they have. The authorities of Pakistan had added a scheme recognized as Apna Rozgar Scheme in this scheme. Since they select to consist of human beings in this program, I have steered you that all the women from 18 years to 36 years who are blanketed in this software program who take the money of Benazir Income Support Program are blanketed in this program. I will be blanketed in this software program if a woman’s title is referred to in this program, her husband will be given a retailer or a rickshaw etc.

Nigehbaan card Program Update :

Now let’s communicate about the guardian card program, which human beings can be covered in this software program and whether or not or no longer guys can moreover be included in this program. Maybe an emergency cash software used to be started out in the midst of Corona, in which guys had been moreover given money and as many female as there were, they additionally obtained payment, so they can moreover be a section of this program, so I will inform you Nighiban Card Program 12000.

I moreover cautioned you the procedure, first of all, the machine is that all the human beings who got ration in Ramadan, first of all, women can be section of this program, even if they are men, they can moreover be a section of this program. What they have will moreover be included in the Nigehbaan card program. Now how a notable deal cost will they get?

I moreover inform you that what you have in a 12 months is 12 thousand rupees, they will get 36 thousand three times. You will get this in one 12 months and this is a software as prolonged as the Punjab authorities stays or will proceed to run. They have to get some statistics and they have to take Beneficial which is blanketed in the Benazir Income Support Program


Nighiban Card Program 12000

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In the program, he delivered that 10 proportion of the female who are included in the Benazir Income Support Program will moreover be blanketed in the Nigheban Card Program and they have to take some of the statistics from the social welfare people that they know.

who are widows, and they have to embody them in the Nigheban card program. If you are poor and deserving, you can moreover be a section of this program. Contact Social Welfare which is your district or tehsil the vicinity they have their offices and Nighiban Card Program 12000 program.

Electric Bikes Scheme :

About the electric powered powered bikes scheme, we inform you that you can register online in the electric powered bikes scheme, which human beings will be included, each these people who have an earnings of a whole lot much less than 60 thousand or have a low salary. Government personnel can moreover be section of the bike program. They can moreover get it and there are some conditions. First of all, you ought to have a license. Apart from this license, you can not observe for this program. Students are moreover included in this program. Maybe if you choose to get a bike, you prefer to get a motorcycle, Maryam Nawaz has commenced a new program, you can comply with online Nighiban Card Program 12000.

Registration Process :

You ought to have a license to register in the electric powered powered bike scheme. If you do now no longer have a license, you cannot register in this scheme. In addition, you have to have an ID card if you pick to register on line in this program. If so, you can login to it. After login, first of all you have to create your account here. After developing the account, you will have a web page open. In the class, if you are a authorities employee, then they will ask you for your important points Nighiban Card Program 12000.

As quickly as you enter your ID card, your whole essential factors will be displayed in the the front of them. If you have to fill the shape and ship it, then the registration will be for these who have a license. Without a license, there is no registration of any kind. First of all you ought to have your license then you can go and register in the Nighiban Card Program 12000 program.

Nighiban Card Program 12000


Last Date For Registren :

The closing date for registration in the Electric Bikes Scheme is twenty ninth April and these who pick out to comply with ought to do their registration as shortly as possible so that they can be phase of this program. Around 20 thousand human beings have already joined the program. If you have accomplished it then if you are nevertheless dwelling then you can moreover exercise in this software program as rapidly as feasible Nighiban Card Program 12000.

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