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PMT Score 

Well, I told you that recently due to increase in PMT Score test of people who are getting dynamic survey done, Benazir Income Support people eliminate them at that very moment without any investigation and In today’s video, we will talk about what is PMT test, how does it increase or decrease, so see PMT test means purity measurement test, this is a test to measure poverty and Benazir Income Support Program is for this. It is used so that only those who are in need can get help and Benazir

Income Support Program

If your score in this test is 32 or less than 32, then you are still eligible for Benazir Income Support Program. You will continue to get further assistance and if in this case you Even if the score goes above 32, they eliminate you immediately without any investigation and you get the same message that you guys are fine, now let’s talk about it. See how this PMT test increases or decreases. There are multiple factors behind the increase. First of all

Family Member

Factor that brother, how many family members do you have? Often what happens in Pakistan is that there are five family members but even the two younger children do not have their Bay Form made and also due to the Bay Form not being made. There is no data or record of them in NADRA or other places and due to this also the PMD test increases and along with this, often people also buy a bike or a car but even after buying it they sell it. They give it and even after selling it, that car and that bike remains registered in their name and they keep it in their name.

ID Card 

He has never been removed from it and due to this also the PMT test increases and along with this all the facilities and offers of the government are also there, how has that person used them? Means you guys. If you go to NADRA to get an ID card made, there are two fees for getting an ID card made in NADRA, one is the normal fee and the other is the urgent fee. It is obvious that the urgent fee is higher and if you have got your identity card made, If the time was on urgent fee, then PMT test also increases because of this, so there are multiple factors like this, brother.

PMT Score 
PMT Score

PMT Test

The same means are used in the PMT test. How much land do you own and the data given by you digitally? Depending on how rich or poor you are, the PMT test increases or decreases. Now, how can you reduce the PMT test? First of all, make a bay form for all the members of your family, even if they have small children, so that the data of those people can be linked with your family. Secondly, if you guys ever bought a car and sold it, if it is registered in your name then brother, that too.

Extra SIM

Get it removed from your name and secondly, you will also forget which mobile you use. The government does not know which mobile you use, how many SIMs are there in your name, whether you use them or not. Don’t do it, even if you people have extra SIMs in your name, you people should get them removed from your name, then brother, this is the procedure of some PMT test and when you people go for this registration, you people will do it only for those things. You can lie about things whose data is not even digital, meaning you have a fridge at home.

AC in Your House

Data is not digital. If you have an AC in your house, the data of it is also not digital. So the things like this which you use at home are expensive but their data is not digital, the government does not have it. You can also lie on those things and because of that your PMT test may be reduced, but you cannot lie on things whose data is with the government or is digital because now you will lie on that. Even then your PMT score will be reduced but when your application will be scrutinized, it will be different.

Check This PMT

You people will be tested by PMT, so don’t do this right now because you people have lied and you can also check this PMT test online before registration by answering their questions. I will also give the link of people’s PMT test or PMT score and how much it is now in the description. You people can also go there and click on it and score your PMT test by answering your questions and yes, even if you people said so. I will make a detailed video on that too and answer their questions by visiting that website.I will give it myself and after that, whatever score comes, I will share it with you people and will also tell you how you people can manage this score, what kind of manipulation you are doing to the questions they are asking. 

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