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PMT Score Check

new updates are made about the Benazir Income Support Program. I keep providing it to you people timely, hence I request you to subscribe to the channel so that you can keep getting every upcoming new update, so what I am going to tell you today is about PMT Score Check. I am telling that PMT Score Check which is our score, often people ask us question that sir, how can we check it?And what is our PMT, please check and tell us otherwise tell us the method, we will do it ourselves, today I am going to teach you the method, I am going to tell you, I am going to give all the information, then do not ask me any question about PMT because I am going to tell you all those things, so listen carefully so that all the confusion of you people gets over, after watching this video, what was the PMT score Score of that utility which we have Because of the subsidy given, what we did in between was made public and

Score Above 32

Whenever you people conducted a survey, what used to happen was that 15 minutes after that, our PMT would get updated. That update would happen because it was not because of the utility store but because of the subsidy that we were giving, it would get updated because of that. What did you do after that, you could check your score, what was happening with that was that whoever had a score above 32, they used to check again after 15 minutes and then what was happening. Then by adding those things to it, someone removed it, and what they were doing with it, they used to bring the score below 32, even if that family was Ahal.

Public Portal 

Or nahal was done in the same way, then what happened to those who had to do that nahal, what things were added in the survey and then their score was taken up, so this is what was happening, just after doing the survey, what was the data after that. Whatever was happening to us was not ending because the same survey was being done again and again, everything was happening the same, due to this we got fed up and closed it. Now what have we done with the public portal of PMT? What we did before we shut down what we did before that was that the enrollment is our app through which we

Government Schools 

Children enter this also, we made it public and the results we got from making it public were the same drones. We made this public because the children from government schools were left behind and the children from private schools were left behind. What they were doing was that they used to come early to the office to get their children done and get their exams done and they were getting their stipend. Now those children who were from government schools, because they did not have a single information, they were left behind, so what was happening with that, so they often The parents used to blame the teachers that yes, the teachers are eating away the scholarship given to their children.

School Code

No, and the poor teacher says that yes, we get some, only their mother takes it, so where are we getting it from, so what did we do next? We said that these children should not be left behind, so we launched a public app. And what we did in that app is that the parents can add their children themselves for scholarship, they have to log in to that app and after that what to do is put their data etc. and put the school code and Should the child add his or her add or not, what happened after that and then when we used to go to schools for verification, our

Public app Installed

The employees used to give proper training to the teachers there and also used to get the public app installed on their phones and taught them the method of what to do, in this way they can also add the child who is in your school. I study so that no child is deprived of the scholarship. What happened was that the parents did not install it at all, the teacher was there, he took a little interest, after that he took it and said which scholarship should we get, either the children have to get it and the parents. We have to meet, this is not our case, we have a lot of other work, so this is whyWe can’t do this work. That app fell into the hands of shopkeepers. What did the shopkeepers do? This retailer Hazrat installed it and the rest of the mobile apps were also installed. What did they say after that? They used to say to the people, what is it to you, there is no need to go to the office, children, we will add you, what happened after that, whenever a woman came to withdraw some money, whose money meant Rs 8500 or It used to be Rs. 9000. I used to ask her, ‘Are you not getting the money for your children?’ She used to say, ‘My children are not even studying in school.’

PMT Score Check
PMT Score Check

Get Money

So even if they say that even if they are not studying, they will still get money, we add your children, then she used to say, this also happens, ji, look at this in front of you, children add, just give two in 500, we add your children. She used to bring 500 rupees without any reason and would happily give it to her children. When they asked her which is the school near your house, she used to say yes, it is a Phila school, so just the school code, which is of the government school, that is its board. But if it was written then they would enter its code, they would enter the school and the child would enter it, well then in the copy also.

Primary School 

Wisdom is needed, as they say, now even if you are spreading such disgusting things, then use a little wisdom, I mean, in the primary school you were in.The children were added till 12th class. When we went to verify the children, I used to congratulate the teacher there. He says, “What are you congratulating for?” I say, “Your school was primary”, he says yes. Yes, it was primary, I said no, now it has become a college, they say it has become a college, I say yes, it has become a college, why is that because children have been added to it till 12th, so what happened to us, those children after that?

Scholarship will Come

We used to get tired after dropping them because the children were not there, so we used to go there and check. Now these people who used to add Rs. 500 to the children did not tell them that the verification is done and only after that the stipend comes. They say that the children are adding, your scholarship will come, then what should we do about those fake children, they go to a school, the school there has children till 5th and we have them till 12th, so we kept dropping them, because of this we again Fed up, that app was closed and similarly the people did the same thing with the PMT. After getting the survey done, they got their PMD.

 PMT Score

When we started checking, we stopped making that also public, now we do not make it public, after that now the PMT score is yours, when is it generated, when your Ahal or Nahal is decided, when your data is shared with all the departments. Yes, if your score goes above 32, you become nahal, then come on there, we change the status to yes, no people, but what happens to us, whatever score is there, they do not show yours and publicly. That does not happen and in our system, you people go to our office and ask for your PMT and you are telling that yes.

Checked your PMT

My PMT is 27, it is 29, it is this, it is that, and brother, your PMT Score Check has not been updated, hence you are being told that this is your old PMT, your new PMT Score Check has not been made, because when is it made, because when your verification is done. It is done by going to different departments, your verification is done, there are five or six departments at that end, then verification is done by FBR, after that your final PMT is made. Even if someone is telling you that yes, I have checked your PMT. Has done and the one who is he is 27 he is 26 he is misleading you


Why is it because he is telling your old PMT, the new PMT Score Check is not yours, hence, it is my request to you not to go after PMT Score Check, your job is to get the survey done, after that you wait for three months. Do it and you can check your status beyond our public portal. The new PMTs that you guys are getting re-surveyed, we have not even processed them, nor how did PMTS become such? We are also getting a new survey done which is in verification. Their verification has not been completed yet, so how did the PMT Score Check decide its decision? What is yours?Pay has to be done on Niy PMTA and when will it be generated? Those who are in reserve, they will be updated in June. Before that, we will not update. After that, those who are in new survey,who are getting the survey done now, they will also be updated in June. They will have PMT before that and they too will not be there, that’s why you should come out of PMT and don’t think too much about it, just get your survey done

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