Latest Update: Punjab Free Solar Scheme | Complete Procedure To Apply 2024

 Punjab Free Solar :

Punjab Free Solar The Punjab authorities have consequently commenced the registration for the Punjab Free Solar Scheme. This scheme is designed to help horrible and deserving households get a photovoltaic machine by following a few convenient steps. This facts will furnish all the information you prefer to register and the eligibility criteria. Plus, you may additionally find out modern day updates about the scheme.

Latest Updates on the Free Solar Scheme:

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has delivered that now households who use up to 200 devices of electrical electricity per month can collect free picture voltaic systems. Previously, this used to be as soon as completely on hand to households with the use of up to one hundred devices per month. The scheme ambitions to provide photovoltaic constructions to 50,000 families, alternatively due to rising electrical power prices, the eligibility has been expanded.

For households with the use of between 200 and 5 hundred devices of electrical power per month, the Punjab authorities will supply interest-free loans to set up photovoltaic panels. Families with the use of higher than 5 hundred units per month will be eligible for a 75% interest-free loan.


 Punjab Free Solar


Electricity Consumption Solar Scheme 2024:

Up to 200 gadgets Free photograph voltaic panels

201 – 5 hundred gadgets Interest-free loans for photovoltaic panel installation

More than 5 hundred devices 75% interest-free loans for photovoltaic panel installation

Punjab Free Solar Scheme

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the free photovoltaic system, you favor to meet the following criteria:Be a Pakistani citizen.

Be a resident of Punjab.

Have a month-to-month income of lots much less than Rs 50,000.

Have in no way taken a personal loan from any bank.

Have a Pakistani identification card.

Use a great deal much less than 200 units of electrical electricity per month.

Not be indebted to any financial institution.

Not be concerned about any crime.

Not be employed through the usage of any authorities agency.


 Punjab Free Solar


Required Documents for Registration:

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will desire the following documents:

Last 6 months’ electrical strength bills

ID card

Mobile number

Eligibility Criteria

Registration Process:

If you meet all the requirements and have the crucial documents, examine these steps to register:

Go to the nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab in your town with your documents.

Speak to the guide and get the registration form.

Fill out the structure with the required information.

Submit the carried out shape decrease again to the representative.

The Punjab authorities will consider your application. If you meet the criteria, you will be notified by SMS or cellular telephone call, and the set up manner of the photovoltaic gadget will begin.

Registration Process

Registration Process


 Punjab Free Solar



The Punjab Free Solar Scheme is a tremendous initiative to promote renewable energy and help households limit their electrical strength bills. This data affords all the quintessential information and updates on how to total the registration process. If you are eligible, take a look at the steps to register and take benefit of this opportunity.

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