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unjab Government’s Pink Scooty 

In a significant step towards women’s  commission, the Punjab Government’s Pink Scooty Scheme 2024. This action aims to give women with lesser mobility and independence, enabling them to share more laboriously in colorful aspects of life. The scheme recognizes the  significance of women’s access to transportation, not just for convenience but also for safety and profitable openings.  Read: Benazir Income Support Program Qist Process  

Introduction to the Pink Scooty Scheme  

Punjab Government’s Pink Scooty Scheme is a flagship action by the Punjab Government, designed specifically to empower women across the state. Under this scheme, eligible women will admit a subsidy towards the purchase of a scooty, making it more affordable and accessible. The primary ideal is to enhance women’s mobility, enabling them to travel safely and accessible for work, education, and other conditioning.   Read: Ahasa Emergency Cash Program Relief

Punjab Government's Pink Scooty 
Punjab Government’s Pink Scooty

Eligibility Criteria for the Punjab Government’s Pink Scooty Scheme

To ensure the scheme reaches those who would profit most, certain eligibility criteria have been established   

  • Residency: Aspirants must be residents of Punjab.  
  • Age: The aspirant should be 18 times of age or aged.  
  • Income: The scheme is primarily aimed at economically weaker sections, so there’s an income criterion.  
  • Education: Preference may be given to women pursuing advanced education or vocational training.  
  • Not a vehicle owner: The aspirant shouldn’t  formerly enjoy a two- wheeler vehicle.  

How Does Punjab Government’s Pink Scooty Scheme Work?  

The Punjab Government’s Pink Scooty Scheme operates on a  subvention model, where eligible women admit  fiscal  backing towards the purchase of a scooty. Then is a simplified breakdown of the process.   

  • Application: Interested women can apply through the sanctioned portal or designated centers.  
  • Verification: Applications will be reviewed, and eligibility criteria will be checked.  
  • Selection: Once vindicated, named aspirants will be notified.  
  • Subvention: The subvention quantum will be directly transferred to the dealership where the scooty is being bought.  
  • Ownership: The scooty will be registered in the name of the  aspirant, icing complete power.  Read: Ehsaas Rashan Riayat Program With NDRA

Benefits of the Pink Scooty Scheme  

  • Enhanced Mobility: Women will have access to an accessible mode of transportation, enhancing their mobility for work, education, and other conditioning.  Commission: Retaining a scooty gives women a sense of independence and control over their transportation needs.  
  • Safety: With a particular vehicle, women can avoid crowded public transport, especially during late hours, enhancing their safety.  
  • Economic Opportunities: Mobility can open up new profitable openings, similar to jobs that bear trips or starting small businesses. 

Table: Quick Information

Particulars Market Price (INR) Subsidy Amount (INR) Amount Paid by Applicant (INR)
Scooty 65,000 15,000 50,000
Registration and Insurance 5,000 5,000
Total 70,000 15,000 55,000

Final Thought  

The Pink Scooty Scheme by the Punjab Government is an estimable step towards women’s commission. By furnishing women with affordable and  dependable transportation, the scheme addresses multiple aspects of commission, from  profitable openings to safety and independence. It recognizes that mobility isn’t just about getting from one place to another; it’s about enabling women to reach their full eventuality.   Read: Punjab Launches ‘Himat’ Card


Q Can I apply for the Pink Scooty Scheme if I formerly enjoy a two- wheeler?  

  • No, the scheme is designed for women who don’t  formerly enjoy a two- wheeler.   

Q What’s the process for applying for the Pink Scooty Scheme?  

  • Interested women can apply through the sanctioned portal or designated centers. operations will be vindicated grounded on eligibility criteria.   

Q Is there an age limit for aspirants?  

  • Yes, aspirants should be 18 times of age or aged to be eligible for the scheme.   

Q How important subvention can I anticipate to admit?  

  • The subvention quantum is 15,000 INR, which will be directly transferred to the dealership for the purchase of the scooty.   

Q What documents are needed for  operation?  

  • Documents similar as evidence of  occupancy, age, income, and education may be needed. Specific details will be handed in during the operation process.   


In conclusion, the Pink Scooty Scheme 2024 stands as a lamp of women’s  commission in Punjab. It not only addresses the practical need for transportation but also symbolizes a larger commitment towards gender equivalency and inclusivity. By enabling women to navigate their diurnal lives with lesser ease and autonomy, the scheme paves the way for a further empowered and progressive society. Read: Roshan Ghar Scheme Registration 

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