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Punjab Khidmat Card

perhaps I remember at the time, about three thousand six, 12,000, 18,000 and 25,000 and the government is giving them two months according to the child, as per the system in more schools, in one school. Only those girls who belong to the poor class of people study in government schools, so again their books and books are being given by the government first, now the expenses of their comments or those who are Akhara Jats are not affected due to their sacrifices, hence the government is paying them. Shikha gives stipend, this is a service Punjab Khidmat card since 2014.When I went to Punjab, they had released this program through which I could get it but now thereis some problem whether the account has been banned or registered or notI am happy to upload videos in the Saphal Program Benazir Income Support Program Khidmatkar Scorecard by Himmat Elder Wasila Program, as if whatever is not updated is updated so that you get the information.

Khidmat Card

this Khidmat card is a good one, I started it well, earlier I used to get ₹ 30000, ₹ 3600 which was increased to ₹ 45, now I get 6000 paisa, so this is the Punjab Khidmat card which was made, which was earlier given to the bank. It is of Punjab but its related partnership bank is like there was a song and then Jas came and then you are in trouble, now its system has been closed once again, so sometimes you get money after 1st, 8th, 10th and sometimes these three. Even after this, there is no proper check or balance, but still the cards of the girls who want to study in government schools are not made.

Getting The Payment

They have been paid maintenance of Punjab Khidmat card, mail is sent only once in a year but it is difficult to get it, sometimes ₹ 129000, sometimes ₹ 25000, this is the method of two-three girls, their payment is more, so their accounts which are proof of life. When his accounts were closed, his proof of life was done, his money was gone, so for about 1-2 months, first there was an error of 118, when it was stopping, the error was gone, then that too was eliminated. The P code which was part of the OTP was not going, then that P code is also coming almost fine, so they are getting the payment.

Punjab Khidmat Card
Punjab Khidmat Card

Punjab Card

But no, the registration will also start, the new list which is for 2023 has come, take it, I will find out from them, but for the time being, understand that this is a complete math, this is the month of April, this entire month, the system has been closed, next which is April. All the welfare programs of Social Protection Authority like Khidmat Card, Ehsaas Punjab Card will start again from April and the paint payment program for the majority of the elderly, that too because Ramzan Sharif is coming, the payment will be given when the payment comes. So if they are from the system, then they will get the system.

Government School

It will work, after removing it, the system is being updated, so when the system will be on, I will let you know, but if your child is studying in a government school, Satyamev article is being read from there, then if you do not get it, then you can contact the headmistress of your school. List his serial number and go to Connect Pal and create an account. The method of creating an account is similar to that of the child, he will go to the retailer with his mobile number, which is biometric, OTP will be sent to his SIM, then in this way, when it is successful. A message will be sent saying that your account will be opened, so don’t hesitate.

Ehsaas Program

After the accounts that you have will be credited to your account, then in this context, the government is serious on education, the Ehsaas program that it is giving, the Jever Kali program, that is the Ehsaas program, education is being given in it also, scholarship is being given. In this way, the children of government employees are also being given stipend etc. So the education from this person is compulsory for all, the students who are getting it are compulsory, they are adding to the sin of sin. If your children are admitted there then you should see them also and when the privateThose who are studying in school are also being given education, so the program which is being launched through this one is for everyone, if they have that family, then the children can study in any private school or government school till the first class.

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