Latest Update Punjab Kisan Card The Importance and Enrollment The procedure Step-by-Step Inform 2024

Punjab Kisan Card

The Punjab government has recently reopened the Chief Minister Punjab Kisan Card initiative, a lifeline for farmers across the province. This program allows farmers to obtain loans of up to 150,000 PKR for each growing cycle, facilitating the purchase of essential agricultural inputs like fertilizers and seeds. Endorsed by both the Punjab Agriculture Ministry and the Bank of Punjab, the Kisan Card is set to revolutionize agricultural practices and support the livelihoods of countless farmers.

Background of the Kisan Card Program

The Kisan Card initiative is not entirely new. It has been part of the Punjab government’s ongoing efforts to support the agricultural sector, which is the backbone of the province’s economy. The program was initially launched to provide financial assistance to farmers, ensuring they have the resources needed to maintain and enhance their crop yields.

Details of the Kisan Card

The Chief Minister Punjab Kisan Card offers substantial financial benefits to farmers. Each cardholder can receive a loan of up to 150,000 PKR per crop cycle. These loans come with favorable repayment terms and are specifically designed to help farmers purchase necessary inputs like fertilizers and seeds. Additionally, the card provides subsidies on these critical commodities, further easing the financial burden on farmers.

Registration Process

Registering for the Kisan Card is straightforward and can be done through two main channels: online registration and SMS registration.

  • Set up a mobile wallet: Farmers need to create a mobile wallet account to manage their transactions.
  • Purchase a Kisan Token Bundle: This bundle is essential for the registration process.
  • Visit a tehsil office: Farmers must visit their local tehsil office to fill out the application form and submit necessary documents.

SMS Registration

  • Send an SMS to 8070: Farmers can register by sending their ID card number in the format “PKC ID Card Number” to 8070.
  • Follow-up steps: After sending the SMS, farmers will receive further instructions to complete their registration.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Kisan Card, farmers must meet several criteria:

  • Own 1 to 12 acres of land.
  • Not be contractors.
  • Have land records available with the Punjab Land Record Authority.
  • Register a SIM card in their name.
  • Hold a valid Pakistani Identity Card.
  • Be permanent residents of Punjab.
  • Have no bank defaults or outstanding debts.
  • Not be involved in illegal activities.

Step-by-Step Guide to Register Online

Setting up a Mobile Wallet

  • Download and install a mobile wallet app approved by the government.
  • Complete the registration process by providing personal details and verifying your identity.

Purchasing a Kisan Token Bundle

  • Visit an authorized retailer or use the mobile wallet app to purchase the Kisan Token Bundle.
  • Ensure you keep the transaction receipt for future reference.

Visiting the Tehsil Office

  • Go to your local tehsil office with the necessary documents, including your ID card and proof of land ownership.
  • Fill out the application form and submit your documents.
  • You will be notified once your Kisan Card is ready for collection.

Step-by-Step Guide to SMS Registration

Sending the SMS

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • Type “PKC ID Card Number” and send it to 8070.

Follow-up Steps

  • Wait for a confirmation message from the Punjab Agriculture Ministry.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the SMS to complete your registration.
Punjab Kisan Card
Punjab Kisan Card

Benefits of the Kisan Card

The Kisan Card offers numerous benefits to farmers:

  • Financial Assistance: Access loans of up to 150,000 PKR per crop cycle.
  • Subsidies: Receive subsidies on essential commodities like fertilizers and seeds.
  • Government Programs: Easily access other government programs aimed at supporting farmers.

Conditions for Using the Kisan Card

Farmers must adhere to certain conditions to maintain their Kisan Card benefits:

  • Repay the loan within six months of the first use.
  • Use the loan exclusively for purchasing agricultural inputs.
  • Avoid any default with banks or financial institutions.

Latest Updates on the Kisan Card Program

The Punjab government has recently made several improvements to the Kisan Card program. These updates aim to streamline the registration process and make it more accessible to farmers. Additionally, new partnerships with financial institutions have been established to provide better loan terms and more comprehensive support.

Impact on Farmers

The Kisan Card program has already started making a significant impact on the lives of farmers. Case studies and testimonials reveal how access to financial resources has enabled farmers to increase their crop yields and improve their livelihoods. The program is expected to benefit around 500,000 farmers across Punjab, contributing to the overall economic development of the region.

Challenges and Solutions

While the Kisan Card program offers numerous benefits, farmers may still face challenges such as understanding the registration process or managing loan repayments. To address these issues, the Punjab government provides support through helplines and dedicated support centers. Additionally, educational campaigns are being conducted to inform farmers about the benefits and usage of the Kisan Card.

Future Prospects of the Kisan Card Program

The future of the Kisan Card program looks promising. The Punjab government plans to expand the program, making it accessible to more farmers and enhancing the financial assistance provided. With continuous improvements and government support, the Kisan Card initiative is set to play a crucial role in the agricultural development of Punjab.


The Kisan Card scheme, spearheaded by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, exemplifies the Punjab government’s commitment to supporting farmers. By providing loans on favorable terms and subsidies on essential commodities, the program aims to boost crop yields and improve the livelihoods of farmers. This comprehensive guide offers detailed information on the registration process, eligibility criteria, and benefits of the Kisan Card, helping farmers to enroll easily and benefit from the program.


What are the advantages of the Punjab Kisan Card?

The Punjab Kisan Card allows farmers to obtain loans of up to 150,000 PKR every crop cycle, receive subsidies on vital goods such as fertilizers and seeds, and participate in additional government programs.

How can I register for the Punjab Kisan Card?

Farmers can register through two methods: creating a smartphone wallet, acquiring a Kisan Token Bundle, visiting a tehsil office, filling out an application form, and showing identification and land ownership evidence, or sending an SMS to 8070 in the format “PKC ID Card Number”.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Punjab Kisan Card?

The Punjab Kisan Card is for individuals who own 1 to 12 acres of land, are not contractors, have land records with the Punjab Land Record Authority, have a valid Pakistani Identity Card, are permanent residents of Punjab, have no bank defaults, no bank debt, and are not involved in illegal activities.

What documents are required for Kisan Card registration?

Farmers need to provide a National Identity Card, proof of land ownership, a farmer’s passbook, bank account details, and a mobile number for registration.

How does the Kisan Card benefit farmers?

The Kisan Card provides financial assistance, subsidies on essential agricultural inputs, and access to various government programs, making it easier for farmers to enhance their productivity and improve their livelihoods.

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