Breaking News Punjab Launches ‘Himat’ Card and ‘Nigheban’ Cards for Special Persons 2024

Punjab Launches ‘Himat’ Card

In a significant move towards inclusivity and support for persons with disabilities( PWDs), Punjab launches ‘Himat’ card and ‘Nigheban’ card in 2024. These cards are designed to give essential benefits and  grease a more accessible  terrain for those who need it most. Let’s claw into the details of these enterprises, their impact, and what they mean for the special persons of Punjab. Read: Checking Your Eligibility for the BISP

Punjab Launches ‘Himat’ Card and ‘Nigheban’ Card 

What are ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards?   

The ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ cards are special identification cards issued by the Punjab Government for persons with disabilities. Punjab launches ‘Himat’ card and ‘Nigheban’ card in 2024. These cards aim to give  colorful benefits and installations to ameliorate the lives of  individualities with disabilities across the state.  Read: Aurat Foundation Program

‘Himat’ Card   

The ‘ Himat ’ card is specifically designed for persons with disabilities who have a 40 or further disability. It offers a range of benefits and installations to make their  diurnal lives easier and more accessible.   

Punjab Launches ‘Himat’ Card
Punjab Launches ‘Himat’ Card

‘Nigehban’ Card   

The ‘Nigheban’ card, on the other hand, is for persons with disabilities with  lower than 40 disabilities. While it may not offer as  numerous benefits as the ‘ Himat ’ card, it still provides essential support and recognition for individualities with disabilities. Read: BISP PMT Score Program 

Benefits and Features of the ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards 

Benefits of the ‘ Himat ’ Card   

  • Monthly fiscal backing 
  • Free medical treatment  
  • Abatements on colorful services  
  • Educational literacy  
  • Priority services in public places  
  • And  further.  

Benefits of the ‘ Nigheban ’ Card   

  • Access to disability instruments  
  • Recognition and support  
  • Priority in public services  

How to Apply for the ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards  

Applying for the ‘ Himat ’ and ‘ Nigheban ’ cards is a straightforward process   

1:Collect Needed Documents  

  • Disability Certificate  
  • Proof of Identity  
  • Passport Size Photos  

2:Visit Nearest Designated Office  

  • Submit the documents  
  • Fill out the application form  


  • Documents will be vindicated  
  • Assessment of disability chance  

4:Issues of Card  

  • Upon blessing, the card will be issued.  

Impact on Persons with Disabilities  

The preface of these cards has had a profound impact on the lives of persons with disabilities in Punjab.   Read: Buzurg Program Balance Check Process


  • Financial Stability: Monthly fiscal backing provides a sense of security.  
  • Healthcare Access: Free medical treatment ensures better health issues.  
  • Education: literacy encourages educational hobbies.  
  • Social Addition: Priority services reduce walls in public places.  

Table: Comparison of ‘Himat’ and ‘Nigheban’ Cards

Features ‘Himat’ Card ‘Nihgaban’ Card
Disability % 40% or more Less than 40%
Monthly Assistance Yes No
Free Medical Yes No
Discounts Yes No
Scholarships Yes No
Priority Services Yes Yes
Access to Certificates Yes Yes

Final Thought  

The Punjab launches ‘Himat’ card and ‘Nigheban’ card  represents a significant step towards inclusivity and support for persons with disabilities. These cards not only give palpable benefits but also emblematize a society that values and recognizes the benefactions of all its members.   Read: Registration Process Ehsaas Bahimat


  1. Who’s eligible to apply for the ‘ Himat ’ and ‘ Nigheban ’ cards?   
  • Any person with a disability in Punjab is eligible to apply. 
  1. What’s the process for renewing these cards?   
  • Renewal  generally involves  streamlining the necessary documents and visiting the designated office.  
  1. Can these cards be used outside of Punjab?   
  • The benefits are primarily applicable within Punjab, but recognition may vary outside the state.  
  1. Are there any  freights associated with applying for these cards?   
  • No, the  operation process is free of charge.  
  1. How long does it take to admit the card after applying?   
  • The processing time varies but generally takes many weeks.  


The ‘ Himat ’ and ‘ Nigheban ’ cards aren’t just identification cards; they’re symbols of commission and support for persons with disabilities. Punjab’s action sets an illustration for other countries to follow in creating a more inclusive and accessible society for all. By feting and addressing the  requirements of persons with disabilities, we move towards a future where everyone has equal openings and rights.  In conclusion, the launch of these cards is a testament to Punjab’s commitment to  icing the welfare and addition of its special citizens, making strides towards a further inclusive society for all.

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