Breaking News! Punjab Reports Unused Negahban Card Program

Breaking News! Punjab Reports Unused Negahban Card Program

 Under the authority of Chief Serve Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the Punjab government has propelled an unused activity called the Negahban Card Program. This program aims to give money related help and other benefits to meriting families in the territory. The program will offer 12000 to qualified families thrice a year, totaling 36000 yearly. The program targets 6.4 million meriting families over Punjab. The Punjab government has committed a critical budget of 307 billion for five years to bolster this program.

New Negahban Card Program Application Process

An online entry has moreover been presented for the procurement of Nighban Card, like others. With this, you can yield your application, and if you are qualified, you can total your enlistment and get the gatekeeper card. The most recent enlistment strategy is recorded below:

Enrollments: A modern online entrance exists for those not as of now in BISP for the Negahban Free Ita Conspire. Here’s the enrollment prepare breakdown:

Visit the Official Site: Shockingly, the declaration doesn’t say the particular site address. You ought to hold up for an official declaration or check the Punjab government’s site for updates.

Fill out the Enlistment Frame: Total the enlistment frame precisely once you discover the site. This likely includes giving your title, contact number, national personality card number, and other required information.

Verification and Qualification Check: The specialists will survey your enlistment bascriteria set for the Caretaker Help Package.

Confirmation and Conveyance: If confirmed and qualified, you’ll get affirmation and possibly an Ehsaas Rashan Riayat card (for subsidized basic supplies) along with three 10kg sacks of flour 

Eligibility Criteria For Unused Negahban Card To get these Nigheban cards, you must meet the qualification criteria, at that point you ought to apply for a Nigheban card. If you need to know your qualification points of interest, examine the steps underneath and see whether you can get the gatekeeper card. If you are qualified, total your enlistment frame now.

Negahban Card Program
Negahban Card Program

The program is right now restricted to inhabitants of Punjab province.

Individuals as of now enrolled beneath the BISP but not getting monetary help may be considered.

  • Participants who completed enrollment for the Negahban Ramadan program and got free apportions will likely be included.
  • The program will open for modern enlistments, focusing on families confronting budgetary hardship.

How to Get the Negahban Card

The particular application handle for getting the Negahban Card is however to be declared by the Punjab government. The article recommends remaining upgraded on the official Negahban Center for subtle elements on enlistment procedures.

Benefits Of Modern Negahban Card

Financial Help: The program straightforwardly addresses budgetary needs by giving normal cash mixtures to low-income families.

Convenience: Recipients can get to their stores through ATMs, killing the requirement to visit government offices.

Program Integration: Negahban cardholders may be qualified to take part in other Punjab government programs that offer extra support.

Ration Appropriations: The card may be utilized to get sponsored nourishment rations.

Future Credit Openings: The program opens entryways for government-backed advance opportunities.

New Negahban Card Most recent Update

The enlistment handle has begun to guarantee the dispersion of Nigehbaan Cards to all those in the Nigehbaan Card Program. All clients who are qualified for enrollment in the Nigehbaan Cards. Total your enlistment preparation presently and get the gatekeeper card. All the subtle elements for completing your enlistment have been entered. Examine the article carefully, know if you are qualified, and can register.


The Negahban Card Program speaks to a critical activity by the Punjab government to address destitution and give budgetary security to meriting families. With its center on coordinate budgetary help, helpful get to to reserves, and potential integration with other programs, this program has the potential to make a positive effect on the lives of numerous Punjab inhabitants.

Negahban Card Program
Negahban Card Program

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