Punjab Roshan Gharana Program Enlistment Method 2024

Punjab Roshan Gharana Program Enlistment Method 2024

Punjab Roshan Gharana Program

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the to begin with lady Chief Serve of Punjab, has propelled the Roshan Gharana program to give 50,000 sun oriented frameworks to destitute and meriting family units to get freed of costly power. Family units wishing to get a sun powered framework can total their enrollment by completing a few straightforward steps. But the trying families require to meet the qualification criteria to total the enlistment. In this respect, this article contains a total direct on qualification criteria, records required for enlistment, and completing the enlistment. After perusing, the enlistment preparation can be effectively completed. You are required to study this article totally to get total information.

How can I apply for the Roshan Gharana Program?

Before giving total data with respect to the enrollment strategy, let me make one thing clear to you: the Punjab government has not begun any online enrollment for Roshan Gharana. Or maybe, the competitors will go to their closest department of the Bank of Punjab to total their enlistment. After going to the department, you will get the enlistment frame from the agent show there. After getting the enrollment shape, fill it out totally, join all essential archives, and yield it back to the agent. And by doing so, their enlistment handle will be completed.

CM Punjab Roshan Gharana Program 2024

During an uncommon assembly called “Light Without Power Charge, Chief Minister’s Roshan Punjab Program,” the CM got briefed on how these sun powered boards will light up families without burning a gap in their pockets. Beneath the Roshan Gharana Plot 2024, 50,000 sun powered board packs will be conveyed with a add up to budget of Rs 12.6 billion.

The unit includes:

  • Sun powered Board Plates
  • Inverter
  • Battery
  • Other Partnered Accessories

Why are they doing this, you inquire? Well, CM Maryam Nawaz says it’s all around giving a break to those battling with strong power bills. The go-ahead has been given, and without skipping a beat, the CM quickly coordinated the start of a pilot extension to gauge its effectiveness.

Punjab Roshan Gharana Conspire 2024 Qualification and Distribution

Alright, presently onto the burning address: who’s qualified for these sun oriented boards and what precisely will they get? In the beginning stage, families utilizing up to 100 units of power (aka secured customers) are in luck as they will get it by means of balloting. Each family getting in on this will get a 1 KW framework. And here’s the cool portion: These sun based setups can control fans, lights, little engines, you title it! Also, with a lithium-ion battery onboard, you’ll get up to 16 hours of reinforcement charging.

Here is the qualification criteria:

  • Must be Pakistani Citizen
  • Have a substantial CNIC (Computerized National Character Card)
  • Must possess the property or have authorization from the property proprietor for the establishment of sun oriented panels
  • Consume less than 100 units of power month to month (must be a Secured Consumer)
  • Roshan Gharana Plot Enlistment – CM Punjab Sun oriented Board Conspire Apply Online
  • As per different sources, the application handle for the Punjab’s Roshan Gharana Program 2024 is going to be very user-friendly.

Here is the prepare for CM Punjab Roshan Gharana plot apply online:

1. Visit the Website

The URL of the site will be given by the government specialist supervising the conspiracy. Moreover, you may apply for the sun oriented board plot by going to any Bank of Punjab’s (BOP) branch.

2. Fill the Application Form

After enlistment, fill out the application frame by giving all the required points of interest. In case you visit the BOP, fill the shape you get from the bank.

3. Yield Application

Now, you are required to carefully survey all the subtle elements. After that, yield your application online or in the department of BOP.

4. Survey of Application

This application is going to be checked on by the specialists. The preparation may take a little time though.

5. Endorsement & Installation

Once endorsed, the candidate will get a notice in this regard.

Stay tuned as we will overhaul nitty gritty online enrollment and application handling as well as giving the official site connect here.


The CM’s moreover all almost quality. She’s made it clear that as it were the most recent tech will do for these sun oriented frameworks. Top-notch sun oriented plates, inverters, batteries, and all the chimes and shrieks are on the menu.

So, there you have it. Punjab’s taking an enormous jump towards greener, more reasonable vitality. And with 50,000 families getting in on the activity, it’s safe to say the sun’s sparkling shining on Punjab’s vitality future.

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