Good News: Punjab Solar System Scheme – a hundred Units of Electricity per Month

Punjab Solar System Scheme

To alleviate the burden of inflation on low-income households with excessively excessive electrical energy bills, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif agreed upon an order on Monday to supply away free one-kilowatt photo voltaic strength structures to fifty thousand houses in the province. The initiative Bill Bijli sey Nijat, Roshni ok Saath (Light except Electricity Bill), a aspect of the Chief Minister’s Roshan Punjab Program, used to be accepted in the course of a one-of-a-kind meeting.  Roshan Gharana Program

Who will get the Solar System?

Installing 1KV photo voltaic structures in more than a few houses will be the first step in the pilot project, which is set to begin quickly and investigate how nicely the structures meet electricity needs. The mission is accessible to guard buyers who use up to a hundred devices of electricity.  50000 Solar In Roshan Gharana Program

Components of the Solar System

Maryam additionally advised the applicable authorities to launch the pilot assignment right now to decide its effectiveness. According to her, blanketed customers the usage of up to a hundred gadgets of electrical energy per month can use the photo voltaic strength structures all through the first phase. A 1KW device with two photo voltaic panels, a battery, an inverter, and wires will be given to the customers. Eligibility Conditions for Solar Scheme

1KW of Solar System

The chief minister was once knowledgeable that the 1KW photo voltaic electricity machine should strength massive motors, fans, lights, and different appliances. The lithium-ion battery would permit up to sixteen hours of backup power. The technical components of the photo voltaic device aimed for residential use have been defined to the provincial chief executive. “This application objectives to free the terrible of highly-priced electricity.”. Roshan Gharana Solar System Scheme

Key Features of the Punjab Solar System Scheme

The Punjab Solar System Scheme presents a vary of advantages to participants, making it an eye-catching alternative for these searching to include smooth strength solutions.

Eligibility Criteria

To avail of the advantages of the scheme, persons and companies have to meet sure eligibility criteria, such as proudly owning property in Punjab and having enough rooftop area for photo voltaic panel installation.  Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers

Installation Process

Once eligible, members can observe for the scheme and bear the set up process, which entails assessing the rooftop’s suitability, purchasing and putting in photo voltaic panels, and connecting them to the current electrical grid.  Maryam Nawaz Launch Roshan Ghar Scheme

Subsidy and Incentives

The authorities offers monetary help in the shape of subsidies and incentives to limit the upfront value of putting in photo voltaic panels. These incentives make photo voltaic power greater low priced and handy to a wider vary of consumers. CM Punjab Solar Scheme for Farmers for Tubewells

Integrating New Technology

CM Maryam advised her team of workers to make certain the photo voltaic structures had been outfitted with the most modern technological know-how possible, focusing on top rate panels, inverters, batteries, and different accessories. She additionally noted that photo voltaic structures will come to be extra handy to residential users. Solar Panels Scheme for Farmers

Punjab Solar System Scheme
Punjab Solar System Scheme


The Punjabi government’s approval of the 1KV photo voltaic structures software is a large step towards giving low-income households in the province get right of entry to to sustainable, fairly priced energy. This software helps decrease the value of strength bills, raises residing standards, and promotes monetary empowerment for the duration of the province. Thousands of households stand to obtain from this historical selection with the launch of the pilot project, opening the door to a extra promising and sustainable future for Punjab.


Can I observe for the Punjab Solar System Scheme if I stay in a rented house?

Yes, however, you may also require permission from the landlord to installation photo voltaic panels.

How lengthy does it take to recoup the preliminary funding in photo voltaic panels?

The payback length relies upon on quite a number elements such as electrical energy consumption, daylight exposure, and the fee of installation.

Is renovation of photo voltaic panels expensive?

No, preservation charges are pretty low in contrast to the financial savings generated from decreased electrical energy bills.

Can I promote extra electrical energy generated from photo voltaic panels again to the grid?

Yes, many utility groups provide internet metering packages that permit householders to promote extra electrical energy lower back to the grid.

Is the Punjab Solar System Scheme handy in rural areas?

Yes, the scheme is on hand to households throughout each city and rural areas of Punjab.

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